MS: Security by lowering Signal:Noise ratio

It’s called “File Block“. In short, a system that allows an administrator to prevent office/word/etc opening files of specific file types.

I’m guessing that when there is a “.doc” virus going round, their intent is for you to block “.doc” files, convert them with MOICE, then open the new versions…

Jeebus Criminey – if they didn’t find the most cruel and inhumane way to execute that!

Now they throw two new systems at us, to forever clutter and confuse administrators and users.

Wouldn’t it have made sense to include with MOICE an option to force conversion of certain filetypes? So that a corporate network admin could make anyone trying to open a “.doc” file automatically convert it to the safer xml format before continuing?

With the MS Solution:

UserA: That’s strange, office won’t open the word document I was writing my proposal in.

UserB: Oh yeah, there’s a virus going around, you’ll have to call IT and ask them to convert it for you.

With the alternate solution, the file is converted, the user notified and allowed to proceed.

Maybe the idea is to increase the value of the Office MCSE. Why do with one stroke what you can sell a certificate for doing in two?


I assume it would make a copy of the document and save the copy as xml?

if so, when calling IT they’d get the file checked. if a user got the document opened as xml by default the copy that might be infected would still be there and I doubt they’d stop people from opening .doc documents without converting them forever.

based of course on if the program would copy it and leave the original file as it is. at most offices there’s people who pretty much only know how to start the computer and open a file to write in…

i haven’t read into it much but knowing MS products there is more than likely a way to automate this so the user never knows he is converting the document. also knowing MS i wouldn’t be surprised if there was some cross licensing needed to do it and it will take a decent engineer to setup and maintain EG normal paper MCSE’s will be calling my company to setup all the magic.

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