Can’t fix stupid…

… and can’t patent obvious (for the non-PDF inclined).

Now, wasn’t there some patent fuss about rotating the viewpoint around a 3d object being displayed on a 2d space?

How fucking obvious is it that you’re going to want to rotate something that’s supposed to have 3 dimensions?

Well, obvious enough that camera rotation is back in our offline viewer.

Can the big-guys now counter sue AVG?


Most patent related court action is a PITA. I was peripherally involved in the CSIRO’s action in the US over the WLAN patent infringement by Buffalo Technology. The intricacies involved in establishing any kind of patent are time-consuming and (in the case of medical related patents especially) complex in the extreme.

I’m just glad I can sit back and laugh at the manoeuvring now.

So did you guys get a cease and disist? Or just take it out pre-emmptivly? Crazy to think that WWII Online would be on their radar as far as people to sue. I guess you can say that being sued is a compliment? :)

The 690 patent expired in January. All the big guys settled and licensed. There were no grounds for counter suit.

It doesn’t matter that the patent failed. You can’t counter-sue for being ‘safe’ (cowardly, but safe) and not going ahead and using an obviously bad patent. The Supreme Court didn’t rule ’til now, so now it is REALLY safe. But plenty of (expletive deleted) dead companies held on to even obviously bad patents hoping to blackmail money out of companies that are productive.

Get the circling 3d death cam going with heavenly music and *don’t* display enemies. End with a text box telling the player to write a note to their mother explaining the circumstances of their death. :)

Regarding Microsoft v. AT&T, wtf.

“Until it is expressed as a computer-readable ‘copy’ (e.g. on a CD-ROM), Windows® software (…) remains uncombinable. It cannot be inserted into a CD-ROM drive or downloaded from the Internet; it cannot be installed or executed on a computer.”

So it’s not possible to download software? If I want to send some software to you, I have to sneakernet a CDROM to you? Oh yeay, the Court is right up to date.

And, software in the abstract won’t be treated as patent protected unless its physical-medium form is integral to the infringement?

Bizarre. Weird.

The other case is of more immediate application to me, since my own recent applications already seem to be magnets for obviouslness objections…heh. But per Microsoft v. AT&T, I sure am glad my field of invention isn’t software.

Tell me more about this camera rotation thingy. Is it like a free cam? Can regular players use it? If so, how? And if not, will there ever be a free cam?


Its under keymapper as “external view”.

Good news for screenshot lovers

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