CCP Bias!!!!!1

The core of a PvP game is the friction between players. If there’s no sharpness to the edge that divides you from them, there is no joy to the victory over them.

I can’t help but wonder if CCP are even remotely aware of us, if they’ve ever spent any time looking at how and where PvP evolved here. I can’t imagine they do or they wouldn’t seem quite so alarmed when the players finally started to act on their belief that CCP is biased and corrupt.

The fact is, like us, in failing to side with the players, they are biased.

DAoC never burned in the bias-fires-of-hell the way we, and now CCP, do. I’d previously thought Sanya got away with it lightly because theirs is a 3-sided war. I stand corrected and tip my hat to her that bit further ;)


Mmmm space combat. If only we could get a ww2ol meets star wars. If multicrewing is borked you will burn in the fires of Doc’s bathroom! ;)

“The fact is, like us, in failing to side with the players, they are biased.”

How can you side with a playerbase that is as fractured and dysfunctional as ours? Have a look at the inf predictor/smoother code as an example. People either can’t make up their minds or quickly forget just how bad/good one version is/was over the other. Apply that same attitude to every decision or change that the rats make or discuss making and you’d have bedlam every time something is even talked about. Despite that, they manage to tread the fine line pretty well I think.

I have no doubt (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) that the rats make their decisions based on where they want the game to be while including somewhere in their decision making process what they have heard or perceive to be the wants of the players. I don’t think I’ve seen an online game where the powers that be have their tendrils so embedded in the community. All they need to do is actually play the game more, capitalised or not :)

The players themselves are the sides so the developer can’t side with them. But that only serves to make them the enemy, too.

Remember this when the proletariat frees itself from you imperial pig dogs. Then again ww2ol by people’s committee would be a comedy for the ages.

What happens when a developer is also a player, though?

In the office or in the game? :)

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