Bathing baby

baby3.jpgIt seems my cat has trained me in the procedure of bathing.

After I come home, or if I’m around the house, I’ll notice the cat hanging out around the bathroom. She normally stays away from the bathroom doors, but now she sits outside them shuffling the way cats do when they want a door opened and wonder why sitting looking at it is having no effect.

When I open the door, however, she merely alternates between peering in at the tub and giving me her “hey, attend to me” look, and if I start running the bath, she doesn’t run away like she usually does if she’s near the bathroom doors. She looks a little nervous, but she watches the bath intently – like when a cat has set its mind on a particular item of food but doesn’t yet put it past you to go ahead and eat it yourself.

The last step is that I can pick her up and walk her into the bathroom without a major struggle.

Once the bath is ready, she’ll go into the water without any significant fuss, she’ll stand there quite calmly keeping an eye on the way out, but she won’t turn it into a scrap.

I’ve tried bathing her at other times, and it’s not as hazardous as it could be, but its not nearly as easy.

It seems she makes her mind up the night before. Usually, she sleeps someone in my vague vicinity – on the sil of the bedroom window – or perhaps lying against my legs – but almost always facing away from me.

The night before bath time, she’ll surprise me by jumping onto the bed and sitting facing me. The only times she’s ever done this have all been (5 times) the night before a bath day of her choosing.

Today was bath day. And since I followed the correct steps, even sitting her on my knee while I running the bath, she was the calmest she’s ever been during the shampooing, even turning to present anywhere I’d missed :)

I’ve never had problems bathing a cat since my brother-in-law revealed the secret — cats don’t like cold water. If the water is just a little/comfortably above the cat’s body temperature, the cat won’t mind nearly as much as if you dunk them in cold[er] water.


I never did understand why people bathed their cats unless they had allergy problems. But why would you own a cat then?

I’ve only bathed stray cats, and that has been mostly to help get rid of worms, fleas, and anything else that they might have been carrying on them. Keeps them from re-contaminating themselves, or reduces it. Pin worms are the worst.

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