Faustino V 2001


I bought a couple of bottles of Faustino V Reserva Rioja 2001 from KL Wines before the con, which I was going to share but I missed the last day of the con. Since then, they’ve been sitting there, tempting me.

Not a big wine drinker, and I’m not particularly fond of reds. But I bought the Faustino becauseI know it to be rich, flavorful and acidicly mild. Not as smooth on the palette as the Faustino I gran-reserve.

Last night I decided to crack it open to let it breathe and try a glass. Before I knew it, I was half a bottle in, and I got the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time, without the lethargy I get in the morning from beer.

I was about to tuck into a filet mignon tonight, when I caught eye of the bottle… And now its empty. It complimented it perfectly.

I’m taking my former bosses’ advice on drinking Spanish wines, and drinking it from a tumbler rather than sipping it from a wine glass.

Best purchase of 2007.


Oops. There goes the last of the bottle. Best I quit blogging for tonight – a merry xmas to y’all ;)

Salud! :)

Here I was all day Saturday wondering where Oli and the vino were at. *sigh*


Have a hunt around for Monos Locos Merlot 2006 (Crazy Monkey), it costs £6 a bottle in the UK and is a fine fine wine from Chile.

This is Virgin Wines ditty on it

This Merlot has the distinction of being rated 4 stars from the day customer first tasted it – quite an achievement for a wine costing less than £6 a bottle. Fruity, friendly and far too drinkable, it is also full bodied enough to be a serious food wine. For a stunning combination serve our Monos Locos Sauvignon Blanc before the meal and this Merlot when the food gets on the table. You can be sure of a return invitation.

It also comes in a white as well, which is equally as nice.

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