Todo List

Off the top of my head, after TOEs, this is my personal WWIIOL todo-list of major items I want/need to work on. I’ll come back and edit it from time to time.

  1. Switch all inter-server comms to NetCode2.
    • + Eliminates netcode1 running overheads
    • + Guarantees packets delivered in order intended
    • + Removes 522 bytes/message limit and chunking overhead
    • + Removes CTHL issues caused by TCP/teulKit buffer interactions 
    • Lots of “packer”s to convert
    • Undocumented uses of teulKit behaviors will need to be watched for
  2. Replace current spawn system (redirection from map to cell via teulkit) with pure NetCode2 connection and have client maintain an active connection to the map host
    • + Simplifies most of the system
    • + Eliminates various information-marshalling overheads
    • + Eliminates need for duplicating map host functionality in the cell host
    • + Facilities dynamic mission creation, modification and selection
    • + Provides opportunity to better encapsulate the connection system for better CTHL handling
    • + Allows for CTM (crash to map)
    • Affects code in 4 server processes
  3. Overhaul the update system to a “viewer” model vs current “build scene & project” model
    • + Better ability to bias
    • + Makes improved update prioritization more cpu-cycle feasible
  4. Dump playgate, move patching/login code to game engine via NetCode2
    • OMG you even need to ask?
  5. Rewrite the subsystems which transport scoring data around the game engine; centralize scoring on the map host
    • + Allows existing scoring code to work as intended and designed
    • + Eliminates information displacement and synchronization issues
    • + Allows more dynamic scoring, e.g. for things that occur while not spawned [UMS, for e.g]
    • May require significant database changes incompatible with archival scoring histories
    • Large task with only very little player-evident deliverables
  6. Work with Rickb to make a headless version of the new SceneGraph engine that I can build into a mechanism for server-side object placement and placement validation
    • ? Either build the scene when a new terrain is merged and pump it to a spatial database or build a live server (process/processes/threads) based on it
    • + Allows server-placed and server-validated object placements (forward bases, army HQs)
    • Bandwidth intensive if done with STOs, requires caching code for high-persistency objects
  7. Move “show friendlies” from chat host to cell hosts (so it can eliminate updates for friendlies that are your vis limit)
  8. Achievements System (aka medals)
    • + Provides additional rewards other than “score”
    • + Provides additional basis for “prestige”
    • + Provides a reward system recognizable to today’s gamer
    • – Nature of BE doesn’t provide a great deal of scope for rewards (“increases automatic weapon firing rate by 1/10th of a second”?)

Listed order does not indicate priority – merely the most technical order in which to implement them


Very interesting list, thanks for sharing.

I don’t understand why #4 wasn’t done from the beginning or at least sooner?

will we have a list of servers to log on to (like “live” and “training” and so on when there’s open beta or what not) or is the plan to start the game against a server and then just log on to it within the game?

and, + Allows for CTM (crash to map)… that will be a real beauty when it’s in. with netcode2 I don’t CTHL very often, but it’s still great.

Actually, you’re right Sniff, I’ll add that.

I believe the Mac version works like that – or atleast when Rickb/Ahwulf were putting together a mac front end, that was how I suggested he do it.

Quite a while ago, it was mentioned that bridges weren’t nodes in the supply flow functionality of the CP mesh, therefore the downing of bridges couldn’t interrupt or scale that supply flow.

Will any of the above changes move us toward interruptible or scalable flow?

Nope; that’s something else I’d like to work on (build a terrain generator that would be able to link bridges to supply, since they aren’t currently and there’s nothing to base that on).

But honestly something that might be better buying in. (There have to be some decent terrain populators out there by now)

Seen the stuff on Gophur’s blog? Pretty interesting (regarding city building).

Added Achievements because I found my SQL template for such a system.

I may be wrong, but none of these seem to take advantage of your natural ability to devise complete game features that add tonnes of gameplay value. (eg: earned respawn near leader; guided action UI)

(I know, I know, you are not a producer, just a “simple” coder…but come on!)

Do you LIKE cleaning up stuff??


part of this seems to be too much technical for me , but something forecats to change the spawn system in game and avoid to be camped in AB or in FB ?

death to number 4!!!!!!

last time i tried running ww2ol under linux playgate pretty much prevented me from getting online. i haven’t tried in awhile but would be nice to play under linux via wine/cedega.

slap gophur/killer/doc around for me too. it’s been forever since we have had a unity2 update. would be nice to get ‘some’ kinda update :D.

Taking any suggestions for the achievements section?

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