Ding 70

Shoo finally made Level 70 in EQ2 on Sunday night. I’m thrilled, and I’ve finally started seeing some of the really nice high-end KoS and EoF zones. But it was a tiny bit of a disappointment when I looked at my quest list and saw over half the entries were grey and the rest were green or blue with only a single level 70 quest.

The expansion scheduled for November, Rise of Kunark, is going to be another EoF-styled expansion complete with new race and starting city and level cap raise. What that means is another 10, reasonably well catered for levels and then another vacuum.

I’ve mentioned before that I thought RoK might be the expansion after next. I can understand why SoE might try to repeat the success of the last expansion, Echoes of Faydwer, but I think the timing is wrong. KoS was a great expansion because it gave you something to level up towards and a place to work through once levelling was no-longer the objective.

EoF added Castle Mistmoore, Unrest and a raid zone off Kaladim. It just doesn’t seem like a whole lot of content to spread yourself around – which is a gap I imagined a Planar Zone would fill in. So, I’m not 100% sure that doing RoK before the planar expansion is a great thing. I have a nagging hunch that this will turn RoK into another Desert of Flames. Another EoF will broaden the potential progression experience from naught to ceiling, but I think the the canopy is what needs expanding right now.

So far, there is one thing I really dislike, immensely, about Sony’s EQ2 expansions. Each one has felt like a chapter written by a different author and with barely a tip of the hat to the rest of the book which. I hope that Neriak is a first step in SoE knitting these island games together.

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