Got up 8.30 sharp this morning, woke up with code on the brain and (in something of a minor miracle) shot out of bed, hit the alarm clock literally as it went off, put together a coffee & cereal breakfast and fell into my chair to tackle a strat/toe problem that’s been wrestling with me.

Around 2.30pm I realized

  1. After 5 hours, coffee gets cold.
  2. After 5 hours, cocoa pops in milk become mush in goop.
  3. I’d missed the 9.55am window for calling Ramp to beg a lift to work.

Called Gophur and made my excuses, called Ramp to make sure he wasn’t waiting for me on anything (he was; the client was crashing on him in one of my systems. After a couple of minutes I left him with the pearl of wisdom “It’s supposed to crash, its telling you that you’ve trampled memory”. He didn’t like that but later admitted he’d discovered he was). And then I went back to the completely-something-else TOE work I’d gotten absorbed by.

Honest fact is I haven’t solved whatever is causing the strat host to crash. I’ve said before, the methodical approach wasn’t helping, and I haven’t managed to get our system guys to do the system upgrades I asked for – chicken and egg syndrome.

Which has left me trying to do this the painful way I was really trying to avoid with the first two attempts – which means actively working in over 70 different source files at once with virtually every two lines of code stepping into 2, 3 or 4 different source/header files. I’m not above admitting much of this is my early work when I was trying to work with a limited understanding of the strat system and taking the specs/inline documentation (such as it is) as definitive.

I’ve been slowly untangling all the startup/loading/management conflicts and priorities and trying to slowly rationalize bits of scattered, undocumented functionality and data and then having to reorganize it until I discovered what random dependency-boobytrap I was heading right into.

Watching the amount of TOE#1 and TOE#2 code I could retain dwindle is dispiriting, as is watching 2-3 days of work get tagged as “redo” because the WeaponEntry struct turns out to be absolutely essential to the spawn system.

So when I started making real progress this morning it was a real coding rush and all too easy to fall into it and totally lose track of time. And then again once I got back into it afterwards until I noticed just now that it wasn’t as bright outside the monitor as it had been, uh, earlier.


  1. The cat probably wanted to come in 8-10 hours ago.
  2. Cocoa-pops left in milk for 18 hours don’t become more edible than after 5 hours.
  3. Coffee doesn’t spontaneously reheat after 18 hours.
  4. I should have gone to bed 4 hours ago.

Really pleased with CodeBlocks under Windows (editor screenshot). The only thing I find lacking is the lack of a Tag Stack (like VI’s CTRL-] and CTRL-T). Trying to find where I was before I jumped to this function is a pain, especially since this code forces me to skip across functions and files like a nut.


Like that doesn’t get used for other things Ampos ;)

So, does it heat as well as those USB phone chargers work (not at all)?

USB electrical spec is 5 volts, at 100mA current steppings, up to 500 mA max.

So, at maximum current, you’re getting a whopping 2.5 watts. That’s nothing, a mere 8.525 BTU/h (a BTU is the heat needed to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit).

If you figure a quarter pound of water in the coffee mug, you’ll get about 24 degrees F out of this.

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