Great Atlantis

One of my favorites so far. Someone reset Ronan’s “bear” switch from “teddy” to “grizzly”, there was chemistry between the characters that’s been lacking while they’ve been putzing and waltzing around the last … 20? episodes. Some stuff blew up (although they apparently lacked the funds to show the explosions).

Its the first Atlantis episode that I’ve watched all the way thru, without falling asleep, getting distracted by the cat or having my concentration wander to something like counting the fingers on my hand or something.

SG1 wasn’t too bad either, but how can any show go wrong with Mmmorena?


Ronan hater! All I need is Teyla and I’ll watch that thing every week. This week was a blatant rip-off from Alien, but at least they admitted it.

Not hating on Ronan, hating on the fact that they built him up to be a ticking tomb bomb of anger and rage, and then limited his lines to “hnurh” and shrug. They kept the cast numbers light and had time to actually play each character some depth that let the chemistry surface.

Was a great choice of a script for SGA.

Wouldn’t ascending in the SG1 galaxy mean she was subject to the rules of the ascended there? Anyways I thought they were keeping the fight at the cannon fodder level? I’ll not be expecting much from next week’s episode.

Yeah…good episode this week, and next weeks Season Finale ROCKS! (if ya wanna watch it early: :-). SG-1 was definitely a good one too. How can you go wrong with Inara…Adria…Morena.

Speaking of Morena, guessing ya’ll gonna be catching her tommorrow night (June 18th) on the Series Premier of Heartland on TNT. Downside is Treat Williams, up side is, of course, Morena…and Danielle Nicolet (aka Reese, Android and creator of the Replicants on SG-1)

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