Great product names #2

I turned on Comedy Central and caught the tail end of an advert. It took nearly a minute to register, and then I just dismissed it as the tail end of something like MAD TV or something. Till later on the ad ran again.

And yes, it turns out a group of women are selling nads. Nads for women. They do sell nads for men, too, along with many other product including … the nads facial wand.

I’m not making it up. Visit Nad’s USA for yourself.

PS – If the page is slow loading, the text “Nads break” is supposed to read “Nads break Guiness World Record”. Wincesome.


Is nads a slang word in the UK as well? (Maybe it started there, I don’t know).

Go watch the brilliant “Team America” movie again. (I know.. its puppets, but wow).

But they love playing with words harshly:

“You’ve got balls” (you’re brave)

and later:

“I love your balls!” (I love your bravery!)

I won’t even go into the philosophy of “d#cks, p#ssies, and @ssholes…I’ll just let you experience it.

Plus the puking scene. Best evah.

P.S. I love Nads. :P

I watched it last night; best laugh I’ve had in a long time :)

I’m fairly sure nads is a slang word in Aus as well as the UK, and the “Nad’s” ladys are supposed to be aussies or kiwi or something.

The nads ladies live in Australia but are immigrants from Assyria with unwanted hair. Humorously the founder’s daughter is named Nadine and her nickname is Nad. I remember their infomercial being odd in the late 90s and thinking a product with the name Nads would never catch on.

Nads is from Australia.

Heh, I didn’t ever thought that was weird. But then again, we used to have a pudding brand called Fanny, wonder why they changed that name :)

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