Skynet initializing…

Bloo wrote:

Skynet is initializing…

And so far that’s as far as its gotten.

1. My workstation, the build box, the dev cluster, the auth cluster and the beta server were all running different MySQL clients and servers. As in each client/server was a different version number. Had to get Ramp to fix that.

2. Our cluster boxes are devoid of any build tools, so I had to wait for him to build RPMs to ship to the boxes to allow us to get all these versions synced.

3. I’d made some changes to the way the auth host works with this new build, and needed to bootstrap a beta authHost onto the beta cluster.

I am, however, now at the stage where I just need to clean up the data on the beta server (and make notes of what I have to do) so I can get the darn thing running. This is a good chance for me to get Doc to give me an updated th_blitz with the mortars in and to get him to update the server’s blitzWor so it stops complaining about defective firebases.


Eliminating silly gotchas:
– Toes couldn’t handle Chinese equipment
– Toes were trying to load the templates after the brigades, making the brigades unable to locate their templates during construction

– Toes couldn’t handle Chinese equipment

Ok, curiosity’s gotten the best of me: what’s different about Chinese equipment that would cause a problem (believe it or not, that’s the main question – I can’t think of something that would be different on this level between two different countries; Communist & Nationalist sharing the same equipment maybe?), and what in the program even brought up it was an issue?
I had a fun graphical glitch once where I saw a whole bunch of flags, the Chinese included (I think I still have a screenie somewhere…), and reading that makes me curious just how much unimplemented stuff is sitting behind the scenes. :-)

Chinese have very small….Toes.

Nothing special about chinese equipment, its left over from when Area 51 was chinese so that you could spawn any-piece-of-equipment-you-like up there without being able to grief.

Now we use that particular country code as “Neutral” – e.g. for creating pockets in scenarios.

As such, its flagged as “inactive” in one of the datafiles, which caused the TOE system to complain that there were vehicles for an inactive country in the vehicle table.

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