Tuesday Todo

Great progress made today. Very happy with making the mental bar I’d set for myself last week, make sure you check out my “progress journal” and screenshots from Monday.

Now I’ve got a good start for tomorrow morning. I’m pretty thrilled with how much of the code has already gone thru its paces and worked. The gnarly technical stuff with building lists and etc that I most expected to be problematic worked like a charm – although that’s not so surprising since I went for methodical rather than complex – using references and ensuring good data health means that it should be hard to trip over NULL pointer and similar bugs that usually set you a stumbling in a new code rollout.

1. Search the host code for the word “country” and visit every instance of its use.

2. Investigate why vehicle reservations are not being returned to the free pool.

3. Review map host and client rules for mission posting (currently can’t post at a french ab/depot from a british brigade)

4. Review with Gophur our “support brigade” solution. I want to put infantry on the Naval/Air brigade TOEs, but let you access them via a “virtual” Support Brigade listed under the Army. The other option might be to take the plunge and just try and allowing you to spawn infantry from a naval brigade and save the score to your army persona.

There’s still plenty more to do – but those are the four most pressing for tomorrow morning.


I wrote Ramp a nice little helper function to determine whether or not a facility was currently a valid origin for you to post missions from:
. In the same CP as your brigade,
. In the same CP as your division (make type ‘resupply’, set the destination to your brigade)
. In a friendly depot that links to your brigade from an enemy town.

Took me a little while because the client’s strat stuff looks very different than the hosts.

Can’t wait to get TOEs done with and fix the client a permanent map connection so that you can change origin/target on the fly. Yeehaa.

i wish rickb was as open as you are. its very interesting reading your blog. btw check your playskool pm box when you get a chance.

Rickb used to have a blog that was stylistically not unlike this one, in which he expressed thoughts about a mix of personal and developmental topics with the supposedly understood ground rule that what he said in the blog, stayed in the blog and was not to be quoted. It wasn’t long before folks showed up who weren’t capable of sticking to that rule. My understanding is that’s why he shut it down.

“Can’t wait to get TOEs done with and fix the client a permanent map connection so that you can change origin/target on the fly. Yeehaa.”

agree !

What happened to the idea of not being able to capture a radio not being marked as objective of your mission ? You talk about this one last years and with dynamic mission management it would perfectly fit it.

Please ignore Zebbeee’s last message, the idea of finding a specific mission to cap a specific radio sounds like a ball ache, it’s bad enough trying to find a specific mission at the moment due to the click fest of trying to find a certain depot to spawn in.

Not everyone is there just to shoot shit.

Keep up the great work kfs1.

Please ignore sres’ last message, or remain off the shelves for 5 more years.

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