No news is good news

… for a change.

Today is side day.

I’ve been auditing the words “country” and “owner” (case insensitve) checking for references which need to become side based rather than country based. I’ve consolidated the 8 ways of telling what side something is and solidified the country known as WWII_CHINA as the “neutral” country allowing us to do boxed in special events and scenarios etc.

Also took a little detour to deal with a networking issue in the client – many firewalls require you to grant an application network access for each version of the application. Some of these firewalls are focus friendly and won’t display the dialog infront of an OpenGL application. So I set up a “cage rattler” to establish a network connection before we go full screen to allow these people chance to see and allow network connections.

Nothing exciting to report – but good progress has been made and the beta server has continued running with people spawning TOE-based equipment – so no crash bug so far.

Going to finish my country audit from home over several cans of 7-up and a grilled chicken.


I forgot to include header files when I did my line counts.

1.26 host source: 198,767 lines
1.27 host source: 190,297 lines

Difference: -8470 lines

Bear in mind this includes NetCode2 — the first time I posted a line count there were over 400k lines of code…

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