Wednesday Todo

Got the ‘country’ audit done, managed to convert a whole bunch of strat functions converted from taking pointers to taking references allowing to remove a fair amount of clutter. Also tackled few other minor non-TOE issues.

I went thru rather a lot of strat “ownership” code: Factories can route through neutral countries; factories will always adopt their original country when owned by their original side; depots no-longer have their country asserted by the armybase…

1. Search the host code for the word “country” and visit every instance of its use.

2. Review mission posting rules on the host

3. Investigate why vehicle reservations are not being returned to the free pool.

4. Review with Gophur our “support brigade” solution.

Re #4. I want to put infantry on the Naval/Air brigade TOEs, but let you access them via a “virtual” Support Brigade listed under the Army. Another option might be to take the plunge and just try and allowing you to spawn infantry from a naval brigade and save the score to your army persona.

Gophur’s version requires a complicated system of infantry brigades that follow naval/air brigades around which just sets off alarm bells for me. So I guess I have to add

5. Audit use of the word “branch”.


Making progress already I see! :-)

Regarding #4, perhaps another decision criterion could be which of the options would best be able to evolve into separate service combat branches (historically, think the Luftwaffe ground forces, or every nation’s Marines). Down the road, I’d think it would be desirable for the code to support sharing of a separate HC command structure, weapons selection, replacements/supplies flow and uniforms by the naval and air base defense troops and similarly specialized ground forces serving in the field.

Answer: None of them are “best” suited to that. TOEs are template based. You want to create luftwaffe ground forces? Put infantry in an Air toe. None of the HC or TOE structure/options is hardcoded.

Every unit is now an armor brigade. If the high commands are allowed to eventually design naval or air tables of organization I suspect they will also be deployed as armor units as they are now.

Armor units are just the most efficient units. Lack of armor caused our real life counterparts to use infantry. The Luftwaffe field divisions were a desperation measure and a disaster for the Germans.

I’m both intrigued and scared by the thought that perhaps the HC’s will be given a batch of resources at the start of a campaign, and then make tough descisions about how to divy it all up.

Here is an interesting question/ choice: should airforce units based at AFs near RDP factories get the best fighters? How many fighters should they get? Is this somthing that CRS could restrict in order to encourage larger bomber raids once we have radar?


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