Didn’t get nearly as much done today as I’d hoped, my afternoon was taken up with a meeting, and I’ve spent most of today at work and this evening at home chasing what threatened to be a certain, familiar host crash.

Turns out it was definitely a contributor, but now that I’ve seen it, I’m sort of kinda puzzled how the live game isn’t tripping up over it all the time.

if ( list.size() >= 0 )

(The bug is on the first line).

I dug out the TOE#1 code with this fixed and gave it a whirl – no dice, the box rebooted after 9 minutes. However,  it got me past today’s obstacle.

I’ve gotten TOE vehicle levels saving now, got Ramp to update the mission posting code to be side rather than country focused, did an audit of the word “branch” and found no major issues, I went through all of the #ifdef DEPRECATED_BY_TOE code segments and whittled the ///TODO:TOEs down to 14 (from 23).

During my testing tonight I ran into another problem which will be priority #1 tomorrow – it seems you can capture facilities right now but not towns. Actually, the chances are very good that it’s actually just the /pwncp command that’s having a problem, but I’ll need to step thru it with ddd tomorrow.

I have to tell you … That crash had me going.  

I have to tell you – when that crash looked all too familiar I felt this slow, creeping terror settling onto me.  But since I was spared another 3 months of torture, here’s a puppy for you.



Lies! I see no puppy!

So have you been having nightmares that when you got so far throught the current version of the TOE code that your misterious bug would rear it’s head again?

Glad too hear that it wasn’t that one!

Oli tried to call me out in the meeting. I bet he didn’t tell you that did he?

Nice pic amigo, make it bigger next time you fruit. :)

No, Toto is not a redhead in real life. I saw the YouTube video but I still don’t believe it.

(my younger sister is a redhead and comes with matching temper :) )

Bastard – I was extending your point =) When I said “to be fair to Ramp” I was refering to other people who you and I know would have taken away that it took him six years to provide you with that tool.

Hear a call for some

(Said a bunch of stuff here that would just make CRS/Playnet decision makers look bad so I decided not to post it).

Have some balls. If I didn’t tell my manager he was on crack once in a while my whole organization would be a disaster.

With all due respect, of course..

Classic. That’s why you do if(!list.empty())… ;-)

Yeah, that’s what I replaced it with ;)

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