They replaced Carson :( She would have been a better replacement for Weir, IMHO. Although I thought Carson didn’t work for me, I thought the main problem was that there just wasn’t room for him; dropping him opened what I felt was room for developing other characters like Ronan.

Otherwise, tonights episode is holding promise so far. And Weir might just die if the teasers aren’t as bogus as the ones for SG1 turned out to be.


Yes! KEEL WEIR! They are tormenting me with their dialogical hintings towards this conclusion! (“Come full circle, eh?”)

Nooooooooo =( They seemed to show Weir not dead in the September previews :( And I’m in two minds about Carter as commander. I think Jewel Staite might have done a good job at it.

Jewel and Amanda on Atlantis next season means that show just jumped into my top 5 favorite shows.

I do believe Carson will be back (well, as part of a two or three episodes next season (4) and perhaps even more in season 5). As for Jewel on SG-A, even as the Doc…this is a GOOD thing. With Morena on Heartland, Gina on Standoff and Summer to be the ‘Good’ terminator on the Sarah Connor Chronicals…at least we still get our weekly dose of the Women of Firefly.

Weir doesn’t die, at least not immediately, but it looks like she gets replaced by Carter.

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