Well, duh

Yesterday’s bug with not being able to cap towns transpired as something fairly major. No idea how it had eluded me thus far, and it reminds me that I need to start writing up test units for my code so far. Unlike my previous two iterations at this, I’ve been flying it somewhat more cowboy this time…

That’s not to say that this code abandons all of my development principles, I’ve just prioritized getting to an alpha-working state so that when a brick wall like yesterday’s comes along, I’m not travelling at 90mph into it. I think the sensation I experienced yesterday could be likened to what a surgeon might feel with the patient under and moments from arrest before realizing the heart is on the other side of the body…

One of the oddities of TOEs having had so long to age and be discussed is that much of that discussion has transmuted through debate to theory to myth to accepted fact. There have been a whole bunch of things that we’ve talked about as, from our perspective, TOE spinoffs, but I’ve been seeing people refering to it as though its part of TOEs — e.g. the removal of the AO system.

The AO system will be there with TOEs; we might have eliminated it during the pre-Xmas open testing we had scheduled but, as far as removing AOs goes, TOEs is an enabling technology not actually the tool of removal.

Spent today picking over smaller bugs, walking through code with ddd and fixing minutae that have crept in: Towns weren’t properly cappable because I’d accidentally made all countries behave as Allied and I’d reduced the vis-range of all units by 2 orders of magnitude – so you frequently couldn’t see anyone in the gameworld. I spent 90 minutes trying to diagnose why depots were opening the instant they were captured (bad) till I stepped far enough through the code to realize it was a caveat of my testing a non-frontline town.

That leaves the TODO list largely untouched for next week. I’m gonna watch the Stargate finales, play our game some more (I had a blast last night), eat some pizza and watch a movie; tomorrow I’ll probably do the Lua and RDP script work on my laptop while sitting out on my balcony. I’ll give myself Sunday to recharge a little, rebuild the resupply system on Monday (eliminating 8 of the 14 remaining ///TODO:TOE items) and try and meet with production before the end of the day to determine what more needs doing.

I’d really like to try and get this into a state for Production to start looking at it and maybe get a few days to do some netcode work in. I had a flash of insight last night about an issue which causes low-bandwidth players to get CTHL after spawning that might solve a few other things at the same time, but I’ll need a few days to work on it.

Really thrilled to see Amanda tapping is going to SG:A. Ditch Weir, I say; unlike the original actress she suffers from Janewayism, something about her – her voice – just never comes down to that “real person” level. They could afford to lose Tayla too unless they’re going to do something interesting with her.


The only issue I see related to TOE+AO’s is a too swift attrition of a brigade by non-brigade members or players actually joining a brigade without willing to take part to the global coodination. Which I think is that famous “AO’s killed the squads” : too much different-thinking people are *forced* to play on the same place (and without ‘forcing’ a global coordination). You’ll get leaders trying to watch out for the equipment while some players will just spawn (because there’s no much choice of where to fight) and go to hell.

So I don’t see neither how the TOE tool itself could justify the COMPLETE REMOVE of AO’s, AO’s still bring an interesting background for the fights, but there are current isses + expected issues that justify (to me) a CHANGE of how the system works.

May I please ask you an offtopic question kfsone ?

is it technically possible to link a MSP not to a mission but to a brigade and that can be canceled/modified by an OIC instead of a ML ? (so it’d be the only spawnpoint available for all missions)

I’m trying to find another concept for the spawn-at-leader+companies (just for the fun of doing it, since you already seem to have interesting approaches for it), but completely forgot to ask you this before : I started from that hypothesis :-s

Thank you very much and have a good rest during this weekend !

uhm .. isnt tayala the smokin hot amazon chick? just dress her in nothing that is interesting enough.

love amanda too, she is sexy.

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