Oh my, look at the time

Erh. Yes: I’ve been up all night gaming. Our game, to be precise. Another 8 hours in Aachen. Wow, intense fighting there, followed by Weert and Hellmond. It was 6am before I knew it.

The French tried to take Aachen again. I wanted to write some kind of an after action report but … damn. It was just awesome. The Germans owe Aachen to a couple of squads who took the time out to run resupply, and to some sloppy mistakes by the French who gave the Axis fresh suppy at some of their ABs. It might have been newbies who didn’t know better.

I ran the gamut tonight – I played sapper, I played LMG, I played sniper, rifleman … I have an awful setup for playing tanks/flying at the moment, until I get a wireless hub and move my PC back upstairs to the “den” (and the surround sound I miss so much)

Aachen is a really nice town to fight in, for such a large town the layout is so nice that you quickly start to learn your way around.

The French so nearly had the town. They locked the Airfield and its AB down tightly, and then took the South Armybase. We tried to get that back but they had it locked down solidly. They had infantry covering their tanks and tanks covering everything. It formed an impenetrable shield and the corpses began piling up.

Finally, after holding on to the town for about 8-10 hours, they finally withdrew their objective. The Woots were deafening.

Next was Weert. A much smaller town and a lot more esprit-de-corps with guys moving and firing in pairs and threes. We kept moving up but failing to hold our positions and we were gradually enveloped.

Whole groups of us suddenly found ourselves on the outside, and the town seemed a lost hope. But the attackers didn’t expect us to be on their north side, and we over-ran them and regained our ground. But then we got slack and were overrun again.

This was a really intense fight – when we started getting low on equipment, they seemed to be suffering too. But it was getting desperate and the OIC made the call to fallback, a good call I think; the fallback went thru and the armybase turned Brit. But barely seconds later it turned out the Allies had called off the attack and we retook the town.

Then I went cruising in the buzzard and happened on a lone, rookie infantry making a slow foot-slog to a far off town. With Jamm40’s help I got him to talk to me and persuaded him to come join some action, so I switched to Allied for Hellmond.

Clearly the Germans were tired by the time of the attack on Hellmond. The troops were spread out and although the Allies paid a heavy cost, they kept making breakthroughs.

In an amazing twist – the newbie I linked up with is a guy our CEO was planning to get me to talk to next week.


Another reason to wish those TO&E’s closer: ensuring that the “Oops, you took flags in the wrong order and gave the other guys a full spawnlist” phenomenon goes away.

Hmm… a question along those lines: with depots being unlocked with full supply for attacker and defender (I believe that’s correct at least), will the last AB being captured still do what it does now with an attack, or are there plans to simply have it be like capping a depot and have the FBs go up and down based on if a town is both friendly and, at least initially, fully owned (ie, capping the AB just puts up the enemy’s FB and doesn’t touch yours)? I have to say, the idea of being able to give up or capture the AB and still have the fight rage on is certainly an appealing one. :-)

Big city fighting in ww2ol is something I hate with a passion. And it comes back to that whole idea of ‘battle lines’ and no ‘insta flanks’. Pretty much the attackers (who needs a solid numerical advantage) sets up a bunch of MSPs all over the place and then plays whack-a-mole for the next 3 hours….while the defender plays whack-a-mole in return. Snore. I literally avoid big city fights to the point of not even playing with my squad. The terrain in cities don’t make it feel like its bitter ‘urban’ combat…just makes the walk feel longer.

Wish they could make cities more like a Roermond setup..then it might be fun.

Vic – I don’t understand the question. Depots aren’t being unlocked, they’re still throttled and they still only spawn infantry. I hope we’ll be adding trucks and aaa/atg to the lists but for now depots are still depots.

FBs are based on contention, so I don’t see how what you described would differ from that.

If I remember correctly, capping the last or only AB kills your own FB (passing ownership of the town to you? It never occurred to me to check the reason); basically it’s forced that the AB is the absolute last thing capped. With supply tied to the brigades instead of the AB, wouldn’t it be possible to just have the brigade pull out and have both sides “attacking” the town once that happens, essentially turning the AB into a larger depot with vehicles?

Then again, I haven’t been in game much lately, so maybe I just forgot how everything works. Nevermind in that case. :-p

Other than redoing the UI to make it easier for newbs to find a battle, maybe you just need a pop up window with a message that says, “Hey “NEWBNAME” you are needed for a mission in XYZ town. Click on the town name to select a weapon/vehicle and spawn there”

Maybe the host could check every 5 min for low ranking players on missions with less than 10 players, and then send the message.

The chat bar as it is now is simply too easy for a newb to miss.


“Then I went cruising in the buzzard and happened on a lone, rookie infantry making a slow foot-slog to a far off town. With Jamm40’s help I got him to talk to me and persuaded him to come join some action, so I switched to Allied for Hellmond.”

laf and after saying how much I hate city fighting I spent 4 hours in Aachen tonight helping to cap it.

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