Any aerogardeners?

Saw an ad for “Aero Garden” that caught my attention. I’d love to grow my own herbs/tomatoes, but I am an outright brown thumb. Anyone have one of these things?


Wife and myself started growing our own veg & fruit this year, so far on the go we have tomato’s, lettuce, aubergine, radish, sweet corn (small), strawberries, courgette, peppers & carrots.

I want to get some chickens, but wife thinks they’re too much hassle :(

Great variety. That interests me, as well. So, they sell you seeds, but from the wording, it sounds like you buy more seeds later. Maybe it’s that you can’t reseed the “grow pods”…so you’re really just buying a new pre-seeded pod. So, the strawberriess are $30 and produces 5 pounds. Looking at the local supermarket, I can get a pound of organic strawberries for $4.

Am I misreading something about the cost or the amount of produce you get from the AeroGarden?

You mean “grocery stores”? Yeah, we have those.

Yes, you’re missing the nicety of having them grow right there infront of ya ;) Perhaps because my mom was a phenomenal green-thumb, I kinda like the idea of having living greenery in the house, I’ve tried a few plants but they’ve all died horribly, even simple herbs.

The strawberries are a luxury, but organic strawberries are usually chosen for their shipping qualities (tough skin, endurance) rather than flavor.

But I’d be more interested in growing the cherry tomatoes or the salad. I use salad stuff mainly for sandwiches and pasta, so I’m forever throwing most of it away.

I’m fairly sure the machine + lamp + seeds + ‘lectricity >= cost of buying and discarding lettuces, but their seeding choices seem to be based on properties of nutrition and flavor rather than transport hardiness, and I just like the idea of eating salad while its still “warm”, so to speak :)

waste of time, thought about getting it for my mom. Then realized she never remembers to water. Dad bought one, nothing but dead plants after the first and final watering. Plants are not like cats. When you neglect them they die, cats tend to demand food and water from you. :)

Tomatoes do not self pollinate, same for most flowering veggies. You’ll need to get the q-tip ready, or depend upon you AC to move enough pollen around.

It does look good for growing herbs, you might have to make your own pods for some recreational herb making.

My girlfriend (we live together) started a garden in the back yard. We have basil, green onions, mustard and mint. Its working out really well. The soil in the backyard is crap and is full of stones. I dug a 5″ hole and found broken bottle glass at the bottom of it. Makes you wonder how it got there (we rent).

Seems kind of backwards to buy a plug-in appliance for something that nature does so well by itself… Not exactly the way to cut energy consumption, to start growing stuff with electricity instead of the Sun… ;-)

Am I the only one thinking that this is a product aimed at the would-be pot farmer?

The energy consumption turns out to be pretty low, and the amount of energy used it considerably less than the amount of energy used to grow, wash, package, ship, refrigerate and store the product to you when you buy it in the store.

Plus I don’t have a yard to grow things in, and my past attempts at growing plants/herbs have been extremely unsuccessful.


my herb reference? Make your own pods…

Good point, though if you also include the energy and materials spent in building the machine and shipping it to you, you’d better use it for a while before that’s “paid off”. But I was comparing to yard-growing, or even window-growing. If that’s not possible I guess it makes sense.

If you have problems keeping plans alive, you could try something like this. Pretty funny! :-)

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