/feedback wins again

Yay! Live update #36 and I score more wins for /feedback that made teh patch!

  • Coin is now weightless and automatically changes up to the best denominations. No more destroying copper!

Actually, we were all using the mail system to convert it without having to go back to town, but I was desperately avoiding mentioning that … just incase anyone is reading (or listening to guild chat) ;)

  • Added a “Product Class” field to the recipe tooltips which displays which classes the item is useable by from the tooltip.
  • Ctrl-click an item link or icon to preview equipment, mounts, furniture, and more in the Dressing Room!
  • It should now be easier to tell which carpenter-made lights actually give off light by examining the items.

Woot! Wonder how that works on the broker. I’m pretty sure I called it “Dressing Room” in my /feedback, hehe. (Note: I do not mean to imply ‘they did it for me’, but I do like to chuckle at the hit rate at which my /feedbacks turn into features; makes me feel ‘on wavelength’)

  • Doors will now open as you approach them in the Qeynos Tradeskill instances.  


  • Food and drink will now scale appropriately while mentoring.

They’re in my guild, reading mah sikrits!

I was really excited about this

  • Not happy with your tradeskill profession? Consult a tradeskill career counselor in Neriak, Kelethin, Qeynos Ironforge Exchange, Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke or Haven about the possibility of starting over!

 until I read this

  • An intrepid band of single-minded interior decorators has returned from an exploration of Stormhold and vicinity, bringing more furnishing ideas to the cities of Norrath.

Which will make Shoo very happy – furnisher is a real grind because it’s hard to sell (the Dressing Room may have helped there – dunno if it shows non-wearable items) and because it was lacking in items in a lot of tiers.

But, listen Sony, I can’t keep moonlighting for you like this. You’re gonna have to get Smedley to buy CRS, put a few of your cool-ass engine guys to making it perform as well as PS and then I can flit between the two for ya…


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