AT&T vs Roadrunner

So far, Roadrunner has done nothing but suck.

The service I bought was 7Mbps. I haven’t gotten above 2.1Mbps. The service has had drop-outs every 2-3 hours and there’s consistent packetloss. Switching from wireless to wired made no difference.

Connection speeds may vary.

That really doesn’t cut the mustard, does it. If it made 5-6Mbps periodically, maybe. But 2.1Mbps isn’t even half the speed I’m supposed to have. I.e. it’s never given me close to the speed of my 3Mb DSL.

This could all have something to do with the fact that the connection box outside our apartment complex is wide open. Several of us reported this to Time Warner Cable, they said an engineer would be out to fix it but he left the case unmounted. I went out and put the case back on the junction, and the next day another TWC engineer removed it and left it ontop of someone’s aircon unit blocking airflow to that unit.

Right now my cable internet has been down for the last 30 minutes. Glad I didn’t cancel the DSL.


And you might have wondered why I ranted. :)

Try living with it as your only choice. Which it was for me for a few years. Back in 2001.

Erh, Roadrunner appears to generate a lot of dropped sessions: when I was patching EQ2, I kept seeing “download cancelled”. I put the files back as they were and tried it with AT&T DSL, and it worked fine. Back to Roadrunner, “download cancelled”.

I too have rr, having been dumped into it from ComedyCast. So far it’s actually been more reliable, although yesterday their DNS servers were down much of the day. Overally its up at least 99.5% so far. Maybe it depends on where you are and how old the cable infrastructure is. CC used to die every 30 minutes for months at a time.

I would rate AT&T DSL as five-nines uptime. I think I can count on one hand the minutes of outage in the 2 years I’ve been with them.

I think I found the reason…discrimination.

Next time, fake a Texas accent while ordering.

I’ve got a TX accent and it still hasn’t helped. Since a monthago when TimeWarner handed over Houston to Comcast my connectioin has slowed, and worse, drops out constantly all day long. I though at first my old D-Link cable router was going out, so brought in a new Linksys. It was worse actually. So swtiched back to D-Link. Best speed I can get is 4mbps, and that’s when I run direct from the modem into my Mac G5. Going through the router and it drops to approx 2mbps.

att dsl is much faster than road runner

It seems whenever you call Time Warner to say that you lost your service again, they always tell you to unplug/replug your cable box to the power source. If that doesn’t solve it, you get put on hold for an hour or two. Apparently, they have records that my connection has been repeatedly lost, but they have not done anything real to fix it.

Time Warner is a monopoly providing absolutely substandard service. I’ve been with intermittent service for NINE days now, and I’ve spent probably five hours on the phones with total nimrods for the most part, including a bunch of English-challenged people in their South Texas office who were useless for an hour and 20 minutes. Sorry – 20 minutes of that was spent on hold waiting to talk to them, so that’s not entirely fair.

PS I’m being held hostage today waiting for one of their techs to come fix what they didn’t fix before.

PPS They wait until things break – they don’t maintain their equipment.

Asshats have a monopoly here or I’d get Verizon. Looking into ATT DSL now.

what i like about cable internet is that it is almost immune to electrical noise which always degrades DSL lines `;*

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