Improved capture ticker

captures.jpgNow that I have more detailed information in the database, I decided it was time to expose it via Wiretap. You can see attacks starting, towns changing hands and towns being saved.

The information for all this comes from new fields in the captures.xml and you can use it to look specifically for towns falling.

There’s still a few issues I seem to need to clean out – the FBs all showed as “open” after the campaign started – I think that’s probably an optimization in the start startup code the disables saving until it’s fairly sure that everything has been loaded.

Alyssa Milano And so, rather quietly, ends my 36th birthday ;)


A belated happy birthday to you!

Meh, you should have said something yesterday lol, Happy Birthday for yesterday, was a fun FB sesh, even if we did lose it.

Aye. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday man! Very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Breastday.

Happy Birthday!

And WHY? Why did you made these changes now? The Betarelease of my application, that will display all informations on Wiretap, won’t be on this sunday now for sure.

Now I know how you feel yourself, when you try to bring out the next patch ^^

There are also some othere issues than only the open status of the FBs. The open status of the FBs only applies to the german FBs. The allied one are all closed.
Also I will have some suggestions, like Unixtimestamp for every date. Atm I have to parse the dates and then recorrect them to the correct timezone.

But I will send you all those things in an e-mail, when my application goes into beta, along with the betaclient ;)


Hey, happy birthday! You are exactly 14 days ahead of me…

Happy Birthday slacker. :P

Happy Birthday Oli.

And 36 is a very good age! :-)

In “Dual Homed”:

By: jwilly48519
on June 28th, 2007
at 9:28 am

Happy Birthday, KFSOne. 8^)

I could convert all the dates to timestamps. I’d just need to be unlazy enough to add a timestamp printing function to one of the .js scripts ;)

Thanks for all the birthday posts :) I’ve disliked my birthday for as long as I can remember, if you plan on noting my birthday, make sure you write the 29th down instead ;)

Hmmm … Date.parse(…) or something like this for javascript. Don’t remember exactly, I’m not the javascript king, I’m more C/C++, Java, non web languages ^^

But will this also help the XML files to get an unix timestamp? Don’t you already save the time in the DB as unix timestamps?

Well, but this isn’t so important. If you can be unlazy enough better first look at the open status of german FBs.
And after this, perhaps some new scripts, about population? Spawntimer? Perhaps from where the people are online (country, continent)?
Rank informations? Make a captures script going backwards or who was the first capper of the campaign?
Informations about how much from which weapontype is beeing used (Armor, Inf, Fighter, Bomber, Ships)?
*has a lot of ideas* *g*

That wiretap thing was an absolutly great idea! It is just fantastic!


I don’t care for birthdays, either. I generally forget mine until someone reminds me. Whenever someone asks me how old I am, I always have to do the math (36, also).

Man how come all these other 36-year-olds are coding cool computer games when all I do is code crap radiation transfer? ;-)

Converted all the dates to unix timestamps. Also, I changed the representation for “open” in facilities.xml, specifically it only includes “open” if the facility *is* open, and then it is now “y” instead of “true”

w00t! You are my hero! :D
That’s why now all my facilities were closed. ‘y’ was interpreted as closed, because Boolean.parse will interpret everything else than true as false. All other parse functions throws an Exception, only Boolean *grml*

Thx a lot for the changes!


Happy belated B-Day. Sorry been on vacation.

Yay, unix timestamps, and facilities.xml?fbs=open will be very useful, thanks.

But the from field in captures.xml is still broken since you updated it.

Can’t fix it without a host patch. The host is actually writing the wrong field *blush*.

Happy birthday youngster! :)

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got time to take a look at the Wiretap data. Ended up making two ‘Dashboard’ widgets if you have access to Mac. The widgets can be found at my website link. They access the ‘hcmoves’ and ‘cps’ data since those two dbs were at the top of the db list. :)

The widgets are 100% javascript (no plugins were used). I didn’t use any of your code so you might find alternative implementations of similar functionality inside. There are a few nuggets such as ‘guarded’ timers that might be generally useful.

I haven’t looked at any of the other data yet but I just wanted to say thanks for exposing so much data. I just have to find the time to take advantage of it.

s! and happy birthday.

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