1.27 Mortars

I spent some time playing with mortars in 1.27 earlier today. Frankly, I’ve had my doubts that mortars would have any real impact on gameplay. While I was testing, though, I finally noticed that they have smoke rounds. Quite a few of them.

Along with other changes in 1.27, I’m starting to think otherwise. Especially after tonights fight in Merzig, I think mortars could significantly change infantry play for the better.

Maybe I just suck, but it seems pretty hard to accurately place the explosive rounds; the smoke grenades, however, you can be very handy with. I do hope we’ll have chance to add smoke emitters to tanks and scout cars etc


I played with em thursday, although the smoke rounds crashed the game for me. I was able to drop HE onto an armybase area from 200 meters every few seconds. Assuming the HE kills something, it could get really messy.

lol i think you just suck :-P , the problem is ranging in your shots, if your not a good judge of distance(i happen to be) you really dont have a problem.

Off Topic:

I like this lay-out for your blog.

I know some players as usual are being negative about mortars (just like other past introductions of weapon types)…but thats to be expected, I completly concur about how they will enhance infantry play for a few reasons…

1) Of course the smoke rounds for screening
2) Helping to clear treelines etc etc to help supress or take out ei. There have been some pretty large infantry battles and to have such a direct support platform available will come in handy for both attack and defense.

I hope the HE works abit better, that can make a huge difference…but overall I think its a good choice and many are looking forward to them being introduced.

Nice looking mortars.

Couldn’t resist having it go another direction on the squad page update:

When I heard about mortars going in, the first thing I thought about was how much it would add to the open field assault simply because of those smoke rounds.

The HE rounds will add more atmosphere than anything else, although they’ll probably be really good for suppression if you have a few working together on a specific area.

You said: “I think mortars could significantly change infantry play for the better.” How so? I too suspect they will change Infantry play for the better, but not ‘significantly’ so and not as a killing machine or an area suppression tool. I think they’ll prove to be just as ineffective, if not moreso, in WWIIOL as they were back in the day in that regard. Rather, they’ll only really be effective as smoke layers. But in order for smoke to be used successfully it needs to a) last longer (which I understand it will) and b) supported by a Command and Control structure at the Mission level to organize and utilize it properly in order to manuever effectively with it….which, unfortunately WWIIOL does not have.

So, again, I ask, how will mortars ‘significantly’ change infantry play?

May have something to do with the smoke I referred to a few times and took a screenshot of?

Mortars are a no-brainer. They should have come before hulks. They are the reason the rats started talking about server tracked objects (back then they called it an “ordinance server”) five years ago.

Hopefully, long range rounds are next (high altitude bombing would be ok too). Having a game larger than some of the largest out there is somewhat wasted when there is no long range indirect fire.

So how exactly do they aim? is it free-moving with the mouse or in range blocks?

Really looking forward to messing with them in-game. :)

Can’t wait to get back in game to bomb those :]

Where is this screenshot?

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