Campaign 37

bulge.jpgCampaign 37 looked to be getting off to a rough start; yesterday with the Axis rapidly breaking out past French lines and beginning something of a blitz past French brigades. The Allies, who are starting to buy into Axis propoganda, had to fight a third side – Allied players who were declaring the fight already lost.

wwiionline_iphone.gif Which, I think, says something about the Allies who managed to pull together, close off, and retake the incursion. The Axis are back on the right side of the Meuse and have been duly shown that this campaign isn’t about taking ground but holding it. Frankly, I don’t think the Axis have got the wherewithall to do that this campaign. I think this map comes down to whether the Allies have the gumption to shake off all their own negative propoganda/bs that they’ve been swallowing and do what they do best – kick Axis butt.

brunette.jpgThe AHC is going to have to work hard to keep up a pace, and they’ll need OICs to support them to do it. I’m not sure if there is a formal process for becoming an OIC, or if you just /hc and contact an officer.

I might have to try playing OIC myself – not as KFS1 but … oh no, I’m not telling you who my alt is ;-P


And that’s all .. propaganda :-)

Ah yes, “propaganda”.

No further comment….

Negative nancies inside whichever groups own ranks have been more destructive than anything the “enemy” or CRS has ever done imo.

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