Resupply 50%

The remaining 50% is 10% development and 40% testing and refinement. I might try finish the development tonight but honestly I’ve got a hankering to go play some Battleground Europe – it’s a little MMO wargame y’all might have heard of. Some rumors say it’s being bought by Sony but I can only wish :)

Most of today was exploring methods for representing the lists – these lists are relatively large and have highly variable rates of change. The best performance I could find was a std::map<time_t, std::vector<ResupplyTicket>> with the vector pre-allocated to the sum of each vehicle’s capacity. That’s probably going to wind up to being around about 1Mb of RAM just for the resupply queues.

My best estimate is that average usage of that memory will be around 3% and I’ll have to track the capacity so that I can ensure a single resize per TOE when RDP gets processed.

Down to 15 TODO:TOEs: 4 are resupply based (just haven’t removed them yet), 3 are questions that probably won’t be implemented until after TOEs.

I’ve re-implemented trickle supply – which applies to brigades coming back from off-map, to new equipment added by RDP, to equipment that went “missing” while a brigade was out of supply, etc.

I also took a detour to clean up the in/out of supply code and dispensed with the old concept of being “out of supply” when you have no friendly links. Whether a town is in supply is now entirely based on having factory links. Simplifying this made it much easier to ensure things worked as expected.

This was because trickle supply actually gets involved more often than you might think: Brigades getting moved off-map lose their supply list and when they move back on-map they restart with trickle supply – they don’t build up supply while off-map. And if a brigade is in a pocket it stops getting resupply – if you manage to reconnect that pocket the brigades in it will start to trickle supply. And, uh, if the server crashes, the missing equipment will be trickle supplied – but on a shorter timer.

So now if a brigade is in a town that has no factory link, it gets no resupply. Not delayed resupply – no resupply – until you reconnect the pocket. Unless you manually resupply it ;)


“Some rumors say it’s being bought by Sony”

Dear god no.

nice … time for airdrop resupply. :D

Don’t worry hog – they’re rumors, and no matter how happy they’d make me, I think you’re fairly safe. I’m not aware of any conversations between CRS and Sony or any conversations between related parties.

That’s a relief to me but then I’m selfish and don’t necessarily know what’s best for the game. Here’s hoping that whatever you like about that prospect (bigger budgets, payrises?) becomes possible through other means. I just think that a lot of what is the BE we love is only that way because it’s been more influenced by the blood, sweat and tears of developers who care than by corporate suits who are studying a balance sheet.

Looking good KFS1 – but we missed you in Luxembourg tonight :-(

It would depend of the strategy of sony.

But when seeing how their other games look like, I think they would only see this game as a huge FPS online (worse then now), and would force some priorities that would just kill the concept.

Of course, if considering the market reality, I would think about selling the game to sony to start a new one from scratch.

It might be desirable someday for rear-area central depots to be fed by links from distributed factories, which sometimes are well forward of the central depots; and for all Armies in the field (Corps in game?) to be supplied by transportation-line links back to a central depot. Transportation links then would supply Corps (Divisions in game), and then Divisions (Brigades in game). That’s how all three of the major 1940 combatant nations’ armies worked.

I’d think breaking the direct supply relationship between particular factories and military units deployed near them would be essential to make server-managed, bridge-inclusive supply lines workable.

Unclear on what you mean. Supply is propagated out from functioning factories – like a flood fill. So in a sense it does actually “travel”. We just don’t simulate the distribution of packages of supply – so if you are supplied, you are supplied.

Is the functionality there to allow supply to be throttled based on the damage state of objects in the chain? (bridges, town buildings, supply crates, fuel depots ect.?)

The air war is in need of new mission types other than just CAS and strat bombing.


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