I’m going to call it that because the last 25% is largely testing and tweaking. But resupply is reimplemented and with that, most of the major functionality of TOEs. Fallback and Multicrew are partially disabled and need functionality restoring, but it both cases I’d rate that as somewhat minor.

Pretty happy with the resupply subsystem in the end – a single subsystem replaces the 5 variants that existed previously to deal with various reasons for delivering a vehicle – mainly additions and returns.

It also copes with a variable supply rate by using a ticket system – instead of scheduling resupplies for fixed times, they are scheduled in terms of “tickets”. A ticket nominally covers, say, 60 seconds of real time. However, the circumstances of the brigade can dictate the actual rate at which the brigade consumes resupply tickets.

Ugh. Well, dammit. That’s not good. It’s working first time – even my code to dump your brigade’s resupply queue into the chat buffer. All the equipment attrited over the beta got dumped into the queue and drained out again nicely, everything topped up to full. I spawned a mortar man, blew myself up, despawned and 15 minutes later (what I set the resupply time to) it put it back on the list.

Ok – I found something wrong – when vehicles reach 0 present its removing them from the client’s spawn list rather than graying them out – but there you go.



Must be time for another woot, so:


Woot…now just forget to set the resupply timer and leave it at…say 2 minutes….

W00T, one step closer……………


GJ Oli.

So now the end of TOE’s is in sight what’s you next project looking likely to be?

I’m pretty sure after TOEs it’ll be the networking project:

1. Cleanup/reshape some probable bandwidth hogs,
2. Discontinue the use of NetCode1 for connecting to the “cell host”
3. Make the “map host” connection persistent
4. Quick cleanup of the spawning system (really part of 2 & 3)
5. Make the connection to the “map/mission host” persistent
6. Make the “map/mission host” authoritative for scoring
7. Quick cleanup of the kill system (part of 6 and 2)
—- If time allows —
8. Look at any possible improvements to infantry updates
9. Minor cleanup/improvements to the update system prioritizer
10. Minor cleanup/improvements to the update system
11. Dynamic origin/target for missions
12. Inflight multicrew->singlecrew handling
13. Join-in-flight for multicrew

The further you get down that list, the much less likely it is to be ready for 1.28 – undobutedly there’ll be a continuous feedback process on 1.27/TOEs.

One very important thing kfs, I see your reply to the question ( when will a freshly captured town get supply) , your reply was, nothing is final yet but there will probly again be a delay . Ok, remeber this, its takes as short a 5 minutes to CAMP a town without supply with a counter attack.Once its well camped then its done. So it seems to me you have two choices ,keep the enemy fb from coming up right away (to allow the bgd to build supply) or you can take away the delay for supply to build.If not, you are going to have camps..camps..camps, and i don’t think thats good for the game . do you?

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