Resupply 55% and some

Theoretically, some of that 40% testing is already done, but I won’t count it as that until I’ve actually specifically done it.

The host that had been running overnight was crashing with problems extracting and inserting information into the old C-based list manager we used, so I decided to bite the bullet and do away with that stuff. I figured this would render multicrew inoperable but it actually works far more than I expected. I’ll have to add restoring existing functionality for multicrew to my todo-list.

Unfortunately this is only on the spawning side of multicrew – the work I’m planning for the next dev cycle (which is nominally dynamic missions) will be an opportunity to go in and hit the MC code with a big axe. There’s no good reason for the work to be done on the strat host instead of the map host. The code for handling all the vagueries of being distributed across two different types of host accounts for about 75% of the code. If I want to distribute the work in future, I can just forward an RPC to the relevant map host instance.

That said the code is working nicely tonight, aside from the MC issues its handled most of the steps I’ve put it through. The factory-/supply- link code is working nicely too.

Chipping away at those TODO:TOEs – fallback is lurking as one of the largest.

Spent a half hour in beta firing mortars at AI emplacements. The ranging seems a bit skewed right now – I couldn’t reach an AT gun 300m away with the mortar range set to 500m – but hey, that’s why its closed beta ;)

When I did – the new explosion effects kick ass. I tried some HE rounds and Martini has given them a great new effect. The FX sweep is a combination of a bug/performance sweep and UnityII work that he’s been working on.


So MP with more than two players MIGHT be on the horizon within the next dev cycles?
If so that would be fantastic.

Driver, commander, gunner ftw

Last night I watched that Rome programme from HBO and decided to be a lot more assertive as it seemed to get things done in Roman times. So here goes.

I (Sres), demand closed beta video of Mortar.

*raises thumb*
*pats lion*

I demand video of those hot roman chix!


Really though, very excited about the upcoming changes.

Keep that nose to the grind stone….

and I second Sres’s motion……

Cleanin-house, whoo-hoo…..

If “Fall Back” has to go – I say, “thank god”. Get rid of it, and save coding time.

Surrender Town (and thereby have your supplies move back 1 town) is fine.

This horsehockey on Fall Back is over-exploited and has become gamey.


As I said in another post, Fallback becomes what Fallback was supposed to be – it surrenders the armybases, opening up the defensive firebases. Your brigades move out. Equipment and resupply lists are tied to brigades so they are unchanged by the move.

That said — if production decide to make use of the dynamic/variable resupply rate (e.g. distance to DivHQ affects resupply rate) then maybe it will do something.

Also, I suspect that when you move a brigade the equipment will be unavailable for a time – to simulate the movement.

If this is the case, it’s likely that we’ll make it so that falling back nixes that time on the FB into the town you fellback from, if it exists, or the AB that owns the depot into that town.

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