Multicrew and RDP

The multicrew system is largely well defined and well written. The curveball comes from how well thought out the handful of hacks are. When I moved the list of “vehicles waiting to spawn” (posted weapons) into the brigade, it stopped coinciding with a seemingly unrelated linked list, a coincidence that the multicrew system depended on.

I’m getting better at finding these, but it still took me a little time. I’m just trying out my multicrew fixes now.

After that, I’ve got to deal with the RDP system. Implementing this with templates is trivial if time consuming. What’s not trivial is producing a web interface for it. I really want to cop out on this and just give them a “next cycle” column to enter values in, but Gophur wants something more advanced.

It’s not hard to do, it’s just a complete shift of gears and it takes an annoying amount of time – I’m just not set up for web developing.


I completely agree, It’s a different mindset where you need to adapt to “the way the web woks” that is not always the best, but that’s how it is evolved to be.

I should know, after 10 years doing that. I have the opposite problem, when I need to do something more “desktop” oriented, as I find myself doing things “the web way” and I have to put some effort to change gears.

GL with the web part!

BTW, I guess not as it was not mentioned elsewhere, but will there be any changes to multicrew? I mean, like being able to change positions more freely in the vehicle while spawned…

I think that would encourage people doing more multicrew, as right now not many people wants to be “the driver” while the other guy plays the trigger happy gunner.


So no more than two players in multi crew yet then i suppose?

I’ll keep waiting.

Not this pass, no. For now just getting multicrew to work again (one last time) was as much as I can invest in it.

The next big thing I have to do is to clean up the way that vehicles are spawned – period. Its the same pass that makes NetCode2 normal for your world connection (the rest of the game remains netcode1).

It’s very likely that I’ll try and clean up multicrew properly with Ramp. I’d love to say I would try to get join-in-flight or polycrew in with that, but for 1.28 they are much lower on the priority ladder than fixing some of the CTHL issues, scoring woes and dynamic mission origin/target stuff that we’ve been trying to get done for who knows how long.

Out of curiosity – are the multicrewed vehicles a special instance of a model, or are they the same model (at least when being shot at) as the single-crewed model?

I ask because from time to time I see some really funky stuff with multicrewed vehicles. It starts with the lack of recoil and goes on from there (disclaimer: I haven’t MC’d in about two years, this could have been fixed already).

I have noticed one interesting thing linked to multicrewing and the kill system.

If you spawn a fairmile, provided you haven’t been set on fire and have at least one of the single 20mm, duel 20mm or 3pdr alive you will get your boat back when you despawn at a dock.

Therefore if I get my duel 20mm gunner killed, when I despawn at a dock I will get my boat back.
Howevere if I multicrew and the duel 20mm gets killed, when I despawn I lose the boat.

My guess is for the crew memeber, he has lost his ONLY critical weapon (duel 20mm), and therefore a kill is awarded against him, and thus me too.

So it actualy pays not to multicrew a fairmile, which is a shame as they are more effective then multicrewed.

And I can’t wait for a join-in-flight polycrewing system. The naval players would kill for that!

Thanks for the update KFsone.

All I really wanted to know was if it still was on the menu, can’t wait.

What would be cool for RDP data is to be able to see what the current resupply timer for each country is on the webpage ala;

British RDP Report
Factory Output: 100% of capacity
Current RDP Cycle: 38% complete
Estimated Completion: 4d18h
Resupply Time: 3hrs

^ yea, beeing able to see damage done to the resupply times should help to keep the RDP war going longer if not through the campaign. perhaps with the default time next to it so we don’t have to think =)

I guess the problem is that in general the resupply time won’t be similar, once they start coding in dependence of distance from factories, etc. It could be accessible for each city on the web map when you click on the cities, though. But maybe that’s strategic info that should not be available?

the thing is that if you spend 2 hours to bomb the factories you really want some kind of feedback. we got the damage percent on the factories now, but I have no clue as to how that’s affecting the resupply timers.

after tier1 now the RDP bombing slows down and when we hit tier3 it’s almost extinct. it would be nice to get feedback on the resupply timers to get the RDP war going even if they’re not delaying new equipment.

and when we get radar increase the ammount of harm the bombs do, but that’s for later.

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