Try #48

Oops. The squad recruit purge code was dumping and rejoining people, it turns out that if you comment code out – it doesn’t execute! In my defense, it was code I was phasing in and I had commented it out to test something else. Commented back in, it works fine. But I’ll need to do some re-testing of the squad /remove and /leave commands since they’re affected by the swap.

Rewrote the fallback code finally today. Its much cleaner and more streamlined internally, with a few minor changes. I made it so that uncontesting won’t cancel a fallback request that’s been accepted. Not sure if that matters so much now, though.

Gave me a chance to make the strat host one step closer to knowing which brigade is leading an attack, but its not very thorough. For now its only bearing now is on who gets ownership in fallback.

000fdrfa.jpgRamp converted mortar rounds to STOs and I spent a bunch of time helping him test and refine that.

It’s all shaping up pretty nicely.


Ahh a good progress report and I just sniped a sniper with an lmg at 500m range. Good night all round.

Mortar rounds being STO’s will please SO many players.

I know that the mortars won’t be 100% accurate hit where you aim weapons, but this does allow a spotter to give you some fire corrections.

So you could set your mortar up behind a building, shoot over it and get your spotter to give you corrections! SWEET!

And I would guess one of the reasosn you missed the commented out code was because you DO comment the code you write!
It’s very easy to spot commented out code if there ar no comments in the code. A real pain to go back to old code when there ain’t any comments in it.

It’s so easy to NOT put comments in your code when your just writing little programs that you think no one else will ever look at. But you soon realise that as programs size & complexity increase that comments are not only vital to anyone who looks at the code after you, but to yourself when you have to go back to it.

I know when I 1st started doing my OND, I couldn’t see the point in lots of comments. By the time I was doing my final project on my Degree everythng was VERY well commented! :-)

STO mortars? very cool! just hope it doesn’t hurt FPS too much.

REAL coders don’t comment! They write their code as compact as possible to make it look pretty. You dont want anyone else to know what you are REALLY doing –thats why its called code. :p

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