Galaxy Spotting

getjpeg.jpg I thought it was going to be another Seti@Home thing. Instead its a sort of “Where’s waldo” of galaxy cataloging. (fixed, thanks mw)


Link doesn’t work Oli, but the sight is very interesting.

Having just watched the Sky at Night that site was a great link.

That is hilarious. Now they don’t want just to use your computer time, they want your brain time, too!

I’m suspicious as to how usable the data set will be, though. Galaxy classification is a skill (art?) that normally takes some practice to get good at (I’m still pretty bad and I’ve been studying galaxies for 10 years), and they will have no way of assessing the quality of their data. I suspect that they will give the same galaxy to a bunch of people and pick the most common answer to not get contaminated by people that just make stuff up.

The question is how many galaxies people will do before they discover it’s mind-numbingly boring… ;-)

Guess which website was just featured on this Sundays Sky at Night!

Apparently Patrik finds if very adddictive!

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