Eye tracking software in your browser

rotsnake2.gifHows this for an invasion of your privacy — click the image to the left to see a simple, sample app (this one is display only, I made very sure of that before linking it).

Its a trivial app that demonstrates eye-focus tracking (just within the client, no data gets sent!) The wheel under your gaze will be stationery while the others rotate. If it detects you staring, all wheels will stop.

 You may see some residual motion when you do stare, I’ve not fiddled with the settings to dampen out muscle impulses.

Spooky stuff, but you really have to see it for yourself.



LOL! Nice story. Almost believable. :)

Always one of my faves… a lot of the optical illusions don’t work for me (due to my amblyopia, I assume) but that one works great.

This optical illusion has always left me feel creeped out. I keep waiting to hear Rod Sterling talking behind me.

Bah – dweebs — Dgia!Ijai,iykwIm = Don’t give it away! It’s just an illusion, if you know what I mean. ANYONE should have been able to decipher that ;)

Ah, now I understand. I thought the “i” was for “illusion”, but now that I know it stands for “illisusion” it all makes sense.


Didn’t your mom warn you, that if you did that to much that could happen? ;)

set as desktop background at this internet cafe….

“set as desktop background at this internet cafe….”

and then password it….

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