TOEs getting pretty close

BTW – TO&E is wrong. T&OE would be more accurate – Table and Organization of Equipment.

So far the things have gone incredibly smoothly on the beta server – although I’m not sure how much directed testing TOEs have gotten. That’s OK, just spawning and resupplying equipment with some degree of manual non-predictable load is good.

I’ve still got to finish the RDP tool and I’ve got to implement the support brigades. I may have to just bite the bullet and make it so that you can tag one brigade to move automatically with another. When we get to dynamic missions/origins, that’ll make it possible to expose infantry units on air/naval brigades.

Last thing is to call a meeting to finalize decisions on questions like: Should we delay access to equipment after a move? Should we throttle the rate it appears to arrive or does that require a slower rate than we’re interested in? Where are production in deciding the release TOE templates and brigade roster?

If you were thinking things had cooled off after my burst of activity a couple of weeks ago – well, I guess I’ve been in a kind of safe mode. Context: 6 months of hideous, inexplicable crash bugs. Or: I’ve been biting my freaking nails.

I’ve spent very little time in the live game the last 7 days, although I’ve spent some time buzzard cruising – but then I haven’t played anything. I’ve been watching some TV and going through various of my web tools etc cleaning up stuff that won’t work with 1.27 and looking at EXPLAINs of SQL queries under MySQL 4.1.21 since the optimizer has had some changes since we last reviewed SQL queries – which was MySQL 3.26.x.


I have a dream… That one day a squadron at one airbase has 109G’s and a squadron at another base has FW190’s.

A bomber squardon only has bombers.

I see Infantry Brigades fighting Armor brigades.

I see a Para brigade with Ju52’s and Paras.

I see a Garrison division with bad equipment and even worse food.

I have a dream

Actually, TO&E is correct: Table of Organization and Equipment. It is intended to describe the organization of military units and any equipment that is attached to those units. Table & Organization is incorrect as it it the table that describes the organization. And it is not Table Of Equipment (which is what most people think of TOE as).

lol its funny, i am pretty sure it is called different things by different people

gophur seems to have taken a liking to ToE
“Tables of Equipment”

heh, you made em’ so you name em’.

Fridge has it.

Yes, it’s a Table, kfs, nothing more. You’d like to think you’ve been working the past 6 months on Organization, but that’s incorrect. You’ve been working 6 months on implementing a Table… Maybe using Excel would have been faster? ;-P

TOE according to Wikipedia is a US DOD term for Table of Organization and Equipment. I have heard it called many things by various rats.

Pfft. A wiki entry. What does that prove ;)

I’m feeling peckish, off to scramble this here egg ;)

So, does this table have legs? Are they all the same length? I do hate wobbly tables. Always having to stuff a folded piece of paper to try and keep it level and stuff. :)

According to
the history of TOE is as follows: Prior to 1943 organization and equipment were expressed in Tables of Organization (T/Os) and Tables of Basic Allowances (T/BAs). Unfortunately the T/BAs were not closely coordinated with the T/Os. In October 1942 the Table of Equipment (T/E) was substituted for the T/BA. The difference was that a T/E was set up for each standard unit, whereas there had been a single T/BA for each combat arm, covering all standard units of that arm. To provide complete coordination between organization and equipment, a consolidated T/O&E was issued for each standard unit beginning in August 1943.

Fascinating. :P

Remember KFS , It takes as little as 5 min to CAMP a freshly captured town with no supply with 1 or more enemy fb’s up to it. these towns will need supply very fast or they will all get instant counter attacks, camped, and retaken after the attacker spent 2 or 3 hours to take it…Another thing we all see is one side will fallback, then the attacker will spawn on the side that has fallen back, recap the ab so the fb’s go down which then spoils the fallback by means of cheating. Think about this in those meetings .

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