Nice little TOE cleanup

Had a good talk with Gophur about the strat stuff today and pennies dropped for both of us. He moved his first brigade from “off map” and the effect was kind of undesirable. There was a 15 minute delay before it started a 3 hour trickle of supply. That’s not what he had envisaged. He wants much shorter times, but the problem is that any system with shorter supply time that undercut resupply are going to get gamed.

So I proposed that instead of discarding the resupply tickets when a brigade goes out of supply, I keep the resupply queue, but as each ticket came due for processing not deliver any vehicles, leaving a shortfall between absent and scheduled.

When the brigade comes back into supply, I simply schedule tickets for the outstanding shortfall, using the existing timer, and Gophur will probably set that to be like 5-10 minutes initial and maybe 30-90 minutes complete.

That nixes any annoying short-term supply “boost” mechanisms, but lets you get back into play after fair and due time.

The remaining aspect of all this is brigade movement. Frankly, I really can’t see much argument for trickling a brigade between two towns. So option #1 is a simple delay on the availability of equipment at a new town after a brigade moves there. Simple, efficient, clean.

Option #2 would be to divide the equipment up into groups and simply create tickets for these groups. Tickets can specify a number of units so it shouldn’t be too expensive, generating maybe a couple hundred tickets per brigade. Not quite so efficient or simple.

When I re-described the ticket system to Gophur I also showed off an admin command that dumps the top of the resupply queue for a BDE, but incredibly efficiently (it takes 2.03ms on the beta strat host with the current 1.26 supply system, it takes under 3us on the same hardware with 1.27). We both agreed it would be nice to add to the Weapon Select screen some indiciation of when the next supply delivery is scheduled. Since supply rules are much more streamlined now, this should take away a lot of the frustrating black-box confusion about “wtf is our stuff”.

As for the RDP, I’m going to add several extra columns to each TOE template entry to specify what RDP cycle cur+N should do. I’m still dreading having to build the resulting page/javascript.

Its not so much that I mind working in JavaScript or editing HTML, its more that because its more of a sideline my toolset is simply the RXML markup tags Roxen provides, the rest I do entirely by hand in vi – and I tend to avoid doing a lot of RXML these days so that if we decided to move to Java or something it wouldn’t be terribly difficult. (cf, Wiretap).

And its mostly because Gophur and Bloo use the browser known as anti-IE. If FF can make it difficult, they will make it difficult. (Aside: I don’t understand people who buy into FF ‘because its not IE’ but still use Outlook. Hello? Thats buying a ticket to Soddom because you’re heard the folks at Gomorrah are a little queer). If I didn’t have to support FF it’d be a lot easier. (Some of the more complex tools display a dialog when viewed in FF: “This page requires a web browser to operate” – they work in Opera)

Got me an issue in the cell host to diagnose where occasionally a null pointer is somehow getting into a list of vehicles I’m about to send updates to, and a problem where periodically people just die. I’ve got the beta server sending chat messages to people when the host kills them, none of which get sent – so either I’m clobbering something … or the client is.

And we’re going to try and squeeze in a change to resupply that might let me provide some score for doing it.


IE sucks. Outlook sucks. Opera probably sucks, I just don’t use it. Firefox & Thunderbird ftw. Frankly if it doesn’t work in Firefox then it’s broken (replace “it” with whatever web-based thingammy you’re talking about at the time).

If the rat folks had any money, I’d probably be writing your web stuff instead of you.

Don’t you dis my FF…

Actually Horse, Firefox isn’t exactly compliant either. As much as I hate to say it, the one that is the most compliant is Safari.

Regardless of opinion or compliance though, IE has such a huge share of the market that it doesn’t really matter anyway – and the only problems we really get from it are items related to posting a form in javascript and some obscure absolute div positioning with regards to form elements that are overlapped.

IE7 FTW! We’ve got to keep our heads until this ‘FF’ craze blows over. Why don’t you come in for the big win?

Tell GOPHUR with TOE’s that a 3 hour and 15 minute resupply would be Real Life-like, and force commanders to put the Brigade on the map (from training) in a carefully positioned manner. Just like a brigade thats been routed needs time to re-equip and reset their morale (re-train).

That would allow the enemy commanders to see where that BDE was coming into the fight – rather than teleporting them into the most contested part of the map and strategically changing the map.

It would end commanders desire to have any brigade routed. Now, when you are in a pinch on one part of the map – you want to be routed at another so that you can move the brigade more quickly to the strategic part of the map.

Tell GOPHUR to leave it as you designed it!

“Frankly, I really can’t see much argument for trickling a brigade between two towns.”

That, or a better approach, might be interesting to explore at some point in the future, when the road net is filled in and if the game’s market evolution makes it desirable to simulate the divisional (i.e. Brigade) operational-tactical interface and road length/movement ordering.

Not now, though. Way too many precursor elements not yet in place.

if ( firefoxInstalled )
resupplyTime = nevah;

I wasn’t trying to give a white paper. I was giving TRUTH!
IE Sucks!


Outlook is also the debil.

When you really get this shorted up, you’ll need to writte it in very plain english, as I’m personally getting lost and later I’m the one who has to translate all this into spanish and I suspect the same is hapening with other people and as is going to be one of the game’s key features it would be desirable everyone gets how it works.

That’s what producers are for. I don’t claim to speak human.

As a web developer, I’ve gotten pretty good at overcoming the differences between “the big two.” However, I must admit that I share bloo’s opinion on Outlook. Email clients, in general, that try to display HTML pages are awful. If there ever was an arguement for Table based layout, email clients is it.

I was once working on an custom email class to send out email in both HTML and plaintext as an alternate. God what a royal pain in the ass. No email client follows standards, none! And there are no less than 20 popular email clients!

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