$ make -j87




Well what do you expect spawning 87 copies of gcc at the same time? ;-)

everyone knows 88 threads is the secret to compiling so fast it actually finishes yesterday … silly oliver.

I swear the 7 was RF-interference with my keyboard signal from my cell phone!

Yah! like someone would call your cell phone…pffft!


Like I have a wireless keyboard ;)

In all seriousness, that kinda sucks. Did it run out of swap space? Something should fail that’s not the kernel…

Reminds me of when I crashed a SGI Onyx with GIMP once. It ran out of space in /tmp and started putting up a window saying that it was out of disk space for every f…ing sector it wanted to swap out and after my screen was filled with 10000 windows the whole system went down… sigh.

Another high point was when I learned that on AIX, memory allocation requests do not fail. If there’s not enough memory, the machine crashes… I got a stern email from the sysadmins saying my jobs had brought several nodes down and that I should monitor my memory usage and I’m like “but I *do*, if the allocation request fails the program will quit” but that wasn’t good enough. Apparently they wanted my program to track memory usage so that it would now IN ADVANCE if an allocation request was going over the limit…

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