Meltdown in Bedford

kittywar.jpgThere’s no water pressure in our building today which caused the aircon to go out. Hey, Hallpass – you’re not in Finland now, eh? It’s 97f in here. Bleah.

Last week has been pretty good progress all round. Lots of minutae. I still have support brigades to do (meh, they’re going to be regular brigades that follow others around) and I still have the stupid RDP stuff to do. I need a solid day to work on each, at which point they’ll take a couple of hours a piece. I just need a day set aside for them to persuade my brain to lock on.

Spent today on what should be minor stuff. I completely swapped out the way we do resupply so that I could also add some score for successfully resupplying people (infantry only, no resupply score for trucks yet unless Ramp gets some more time). I cleared away a bunch of my trac tickets, lots of little things cleaned up – debug messages removed here, etc.

I also snuck in a little work on NetCode2 — or atleast the API bridge to it. Basically extending the host<->host API to allow me to register member functions for RPCs.

Picture is of Krieger’s new cat, via Bloo. FYI, that’s Defcon in the background :) Made me chuckle enough to send it to icanhascheezburger :)


NO water!!!

We can send you some!

We appear to have a little excess at the moment. :-(

I do love the devilish red eyes on that toupee in the picture :)

whitman – you want water come to WV…..

As for teh AC – I spent 2 of the last 4 summers in places without electricity(and high’s in the 130’s) – so I’ll pass on making comments….

defcon is a very cool game. never tried darwinia, but I liked uplink. would be cool to see what ideas they could develop if they had a whole team under their wings.

It’s hard to write code when your head is melting. The dripping of sweat shorts out the computer.

Im in ur control center / pushing ur red button

My profile name is [PA]Sonar in steam, we should throw down sometime in defcon.

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