Support Brigades…

… give a toe.

I’m going to roll with Goph’s concept for now because, short of reworking the UI, the real solution is just to put support units on the TOE of the brigade they belong to. But right now, you can’t spawn infantry units or post missions at infantry origins with a naval or air persona – a much bigger fish to fry than adding TOEs.

So – support brigades will be a new division, “Support Brigades”, and a new brigade per air/naval brigade, each of which will blindly/automatically follow the brigade it is supporting.

I made a bunch of headway with the TOE RDP subsystem until I realize that it has to follow vaguely in the footsteps of the old system in order to support Ramp’s scripts for the newspaper. That set me back a fair ways but hopefully not completely.


Yeah, I figured they’d have to be separate brigades that were attached to the supported brigade. Eventually, the persona should be based on the unit chosen, instead of the brigade chosen. Or…dare I say it…get rid of persona’s…but only after the points system is in place (where you spend points to spawn units).

No idea why I used an apostrophe…here’s an ellipse to make is look like I’m doing it on purpose.

So if the Support Brigades are structurally separate from the Brigades they support, does that mean that a Support Brigade could be routed and thereby split away from its supported Brigade? Or will a rout of a Support Brigade also cause an automatic rout of the supported Brigade?

And, presumably all movement timers and other movement-controlling conditions will be ignored for Support Brigades so as not to interfere with their movement-linking to their supported Brigades?

Internal ellipses indicate an intentional omission of text from a quoted passage. While you definitely intentionally omitted a comma, which would have been appropriate, it isn’t text, nor is the passage a quote, so the use of the ellipses just stabs your English teachers in their eyes.

Had you been writing a script or screenplay, the use of ellipses is common to indicate a trailing off, such as when a character forget something, or is having trouble finding the words they want to use.

It’s a common tendency but no less incorrect.

I believe some people have comma-phobia, and that even more are ignorant of the correct use of semicolon. It cannot be disputed that only an elite few understand the difference between a hyphen (“-“) and dashes (“–“).

My point was that I was using incorrect punctuation, which I did in the first post accidentally, then did in the second post to make it appear as if I was doing it on purpose. It was a sarcastic ellipse. Sarcastic punctuation has been a dying art since Chaucer. It is the single greatest loss of culture we’ve suffered in the last two-thousand years. Period.

And I’ve only written one screenplay.

He did it wrong–way wrong.

I can see support brigades being popped around the place to be used as attacking/defending supply on AF and port towns. Predict their use will be rather gamey.

Oh and grammar wars ftw.

trooper76, as KFS1 has already said that support brigades move with their parent units, so your only going to have those troops where you naval or air brigade are deployed.

Just think of the support brigades as the associated ground units that air or naval units had at their airfields or ports.
And certainly in the case of ports, thay also represent the small garrasons that these places usualy had.

And I can certainly see how having these units actualy part of the brigades TOEs would make a lot more sense.

If this is the case , then make it so(or maybe it will?)that you will need to capture the AB instead of say just to capture the dock with a naval BGD in that town to route it. Or,will it be when you capture/route the naval BGD, will the support BGD go with it? Im for having to capture each one separate .

The *newspaper* is driving the RDP system?

I love RAMP, but not enough to drive RDP into a worn groove over the newspaper, thankyouverymuch. :P

KFS – you have had to think outside the box, get back inside the box, re-code the universe so that the box opens, and then close the universe back so that a newspaper that is not relied upon can work… Go get permission to dump the newspaper for a web based text output.

Great Chaucer’s Ghost! you can even have an mass email sent to AHC/GHC or all the players to let them know. Or a MOTD with a system repeat. Or a clickable link… OR etc.

kfs1 wrote:
each of which will blindly/automatically follow the brigade it is supporting

joker: RDP isn’t driving it. But I need to do it in a fashion that is reasonably compatible with the current news paper/story generator so that it doesn’t require a whole bunch of Ramp time to produce paper stories from it. RDP exists in two places. Factories and the news paper.

(And on wiretap but that’s still unofficial)

Newspaper? It’s cool and all, butt……..
I for one don’t read it. Probably haven’t looked at it in a couple of years.
I wonder how many do. Don’t most use an icon to launch the game? I say shutdown the newspaper until scripts can be updated. But that maybe a big deal too. Lesser of 2 evils? 8-)

I’m with stang. But–if that’s what people (non subscribers) see, then…maybe make it run a historical map until the scripts can be changed to link up to live.

Why not leaving the newspaper report of RDP, and put an ingame command .status rdp

Where on wiretap is the RDP data? I could use that for my graphs rather than dragging both pages down.

Because then I’d have to build RDP into the game, Zebbeee. Right now it is sanely modular – the game server factories simply churn out “points” which the RDP system converts into “resource points” and then into RDP cycles.

When I’m talking about “RDP” in my post above here, I’m talking about the changes in vehicle levels etc.

As for dumping the paper – when the paper breaks, we get a huge number of complaints. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person who probably never looks at the paper, but we’re definitely an apparent minority.

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