Patched on Friday, lol

I found out what had been causing some area-chat/msp/sto weirdness and a very simple fix for it, pretty easy validation of both the bug and the fix, so I applied it to the 1.27 branch and pushed it up to the hosts.

I’ve been playing tonight but Roadrunner is dropping 30-60% of my packets so – erh, duh, why don’t I just re-route game traffic via my DSL? Ok. I’m gonna eat and than I’m gonna go see if Kitty420 is still running through the open country side singing on area chat ;)

The timing of this patch couldn’t be better – it’s a long weekend here and I’m gonna be playing WWIIOL for most of it ;)

Kinda hard playing the new patch

I’m exhausted, spent. I’ve been so excited about 1.27 I moved my PC to a whole new room with a new surround sound setup, etc. I tried to play last night but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

We do have an ongoing chat-host issue, something insidious and lurking that has been affected a sweep of subsystems, but I’ve narrowed it down and should be able to tackle it tomorrow.

Tonight, I’d had a good rest, and I spawned in and tried to play, and I just kept reeling.

Mortars: I mean, wtf. Whoever pushed to have them added into the game needs a good, hard, merciless beating. And then knighting and declaring a saint.

Between TOEs and Resupply, and the addition of indirect fire – the game has changed. Everyone is discovering something new. I spent a half hour driving a truck around pulling up alongside tanks, ATGs, AAA guns, and waiting for them to go, “holy ****! I’m getting resupply??????”

I spent another half hour with a chain-gang of resuppliers at the top of the hill outside spontin – a bunch of guys spawned in from a truck carrying ammo packs down to the mortars and LMGs laying down INSANE amounts of fire on the poor Axis defenders down in the town.

The place was streaming with blue icons – I was playing BEF and there was a French mobile spawn – from the same firebase – just along the hill from us. And then there were explosions, and there started to seem to be less of us. It was so busy and there was so much going on – tanks and atgs firing into town endlessly because they had supply trucks keeping ’em going – mortar rounds, lmg fire, etc, etc – and with so many corpses all around, it was hard to tell who was dead and who was prone… It was so busy that it was way too late when I realized that our mortarmen’s rounds couldn’t be landing that short and caught a brief glimpse of the two mortar rounds heading directly for me before things went dark :)

I’ve been sitting staring at the map screen – watching chat – my finger hovering over the launch button. If I do, I know I’m probably going to be at it all night, and I need to call it soon.

1.27 scares me – its fricking awesome :)

1.27 Released

And it’s gone pretty well so far. We were really pleased with the roll-out process today. Given that we were short handed and we had a pretty serious set of changes to systems and data (included was a comprehensive database upgrade)…

1.27 Pending – Wiretap note

Well, the beta server is looking pretty peachy – those of you not familiar with our beta process are probably sceptical because some of the server processes have been starting and stopping a lot, but that’s normal when we’re validating extremely fine details.

There’s a few little bonus changes going in with 1.27, too. Stuff that wasn’t gonna make it if I was busy today. I had time :)

Line count

At last count, 1.27 host code was at 190k lines of code. Today, with much of the diagnostic and regression code removed the game host code now clocks in at 193,069 lines of code. Of the old 190k count, 32k was in the automatically generated “glue” file which embeds a scripting language into the strat host. Under 1.27 this file has shrunk by 3000 lines – so that 3k growth is actually 6k of real lines of code.

Eliminating all blank lines, comment-only lines and lines that contain just “{” or “}” (C/C++ syntax)

1.26.1 host had 169,493 lines – 26,857 in lua glue = 142,636 lines of “written” code
1.27.0 host has 164,495 lines – 24,284 in lua glue = 140,211 lines of “written” code

Not including the lua glue file, 38,714 lines of host code have changed from 1.26.1 to 1.27.

And this weekend is final Release Candidate. Monday we start the process of cycling the servers to 1.27.


[I’d insert a ‘hot chick’ picture here but I gotta go recover my cat from the vets where she’s having the malignance of a growth in her neck checked =(]


Downloaded the demo from FilePlanet – finally got to see some of the 7Mb I pay Road Runner for. Installed it and ran it up to be greeted by a brave attempt at an oceanic air crash. Brave of someone to actually expect someone else to sign off on that. It could really have been carried off well but they give the player control – chance to look around and see the flaws. It’s like someone taking the old ghost-train ride and turning it into a tour. I came perilously close to thinking “wtf, uninstall”.

I’m glad I didn’t.

Escape to Norath

I downloaded the Everquest1 “Free Trial” over the weekend, and its been patching ever since. I got done finishing some TOE stuff for Doc and decided to give it a whirl. For some reason, it wouldn’t accept my main station account – which has a closed EQ1 subscription and an open EQ2 subscription – but it did accept my old, old, very closed account.

After all the hassle, having created a character, it seems that the free-trial has ended (it tells me the zone is unvailable). 2 days of downloading uninstalled in 2 minutes.

Like Play the Fae, I kinda get the impression nobody at Sony tried it as a free trial – took a fresh box, downloaded it and tried to get in without using their existing account.

I was curious just to see what a recent EQ1 engine looked out; I’ve really not heard anything about EQ1 in a long time so I have no idea what the game has been doing.

Deathmatch vs Co-op

Yesterday I finally got around to trying the Doom 3 (2004) demo. It was desperation more than anything else: I lost interest in the Doom/Quake games when the focus became multiplayer deathmatch.

All the gamers I know, all the gamers I work with, love co-op. We were discussing this at lunch on Friday and Granik made a very salient observation — co-op players tend not to be as visible as tourneying fraggers because you don’t just join random servers for good co-op, you tend to host a local LAN server and/or play with buddies.


Noticed on FilePlanet, today, that BioShock PC demo was “available soon”. So, I “reserved” a download, figuring it might download it tomorrow or next week or something. Moments later…



i < n

I’ve been wrestling with this all day. When a brigade moved, it wasn’t taking its oversupply with it [fx: grumbles about having to use resupply to move equipment; I’d rather than the bde was in limbo during the move]