I took the weekend off, and then work has been lots and lots of minutae. I opened Bluefish to work on a page to let production add some brigades. About 5pm, Ramp asked if I needed any help, and I showed him my 4 line page – all that I’d managed to get done inbetween distractions and diversions.

Gophur stumbled across a fairly crucial issue with oversupply and got stroppy about the oversupply “ceiling” – which has never been in the release game, so I went ahead and implemented it (its soft-set at 10% but its a config option production can set).

Found a bunch of text that was being sent in English (vs localization tokens), and started the final cleanup of fallback – including letting the issuing officer know what brigades/divisions are causing a problem.

Also solved a problem that was causing you not to get your vehicle reserved when you RTBed sometimes (primarily BEF/ArFR stuff).

Most productive thing I got done was the propagation of factory link status. I replaced it with a really elegant flood fill that takes under 200 microseconds (0.2ms) instead of 11ms before.

Finished Harry Potter book 7 – not bad, but the wrap was a bit of a dissapointment. The ending is fine, it just happened so abruptly. I can’t help but think the room it left opens the door for non-Potter books.

A while ago, I found a link or someone emailed me about some Mac widgets that use Wiretap. Rickb got an iPhone and has already been “hacking” it adding things like a shell and ssh access. I thought it’d be a great place to try out those Wiretap widgets. Anyone happen to have a link?


It was sticky in the Mac Community Support forums

I think book 7 left it open to Pre-potter books, otherwise the Series is done.

The last 20 pages were a waste of time. At least it doesn’t take too long to read.

Do you think your “fix” worked, because in .15 it seems resupply and rtb unit return is totally broken? Every time I RTBd, the brigade lost *another* unit on top of the one I had reserved, and resupply didn’t work at all.

Yes, my fix worked. Client and host builds go are often independent of each other.

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