Wiretap note

I decided those of you using Wiretap have life too easy. To reduce the amount of data per-transaction, I added the notion of default values for some attributes so that I can reduce the amount of bandwidth wasted on sending multiple entries for which the attributes are at their default value. For the files where defaults are in effect, I added a <defaults> attribute, e.g. the cpstates file.


Am I right, that those default values are static and doesn’t appear in the xmlquery files?
And thx to make our lifes harder, as if it isn’t already hard enough *g*


Correct, it only affects files in under /xml. I realize it’s a pain, but it reduced the size of some of the files by 70-90%, which makes it worth doing :)

Speaking of data reductions, I’m guessing that defaults can’t be “dynamic” (for lack of a better term).

IE: the bulk of the cpstates entries have the same value for owner and controller. If controller can be omitted when it’s the same as owner, that could save another 40% or so on each line.

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