Plague of flies

Last week I made a little boo-boo. Leaving for work in a hurry Friday morning, I tied off the trash and dialed back the aircon, but then forgot to take the trash out. It contained cat litter and last night’s left overs from Dominos.

I returned home to find a horde of maggots dripping out of the knot in the trash bag and fanning out around my kitchen. Unfortunately, these little guys only went a dozen paces before changing direction, so they weren’t getting very far…

I’m … not fond … of maggots, so perhaps my thinking wasn’t the clearest. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to just sweep them up and dispose of them, or something – they really ticked me off. A brief, hot, painful death seemed fitting. I powered up my steam cleaner, using a mop to keep them from getting to corners and such, and then I steamed every last one of the buggers.

Or so I thought. It seems a few dozen managed to find safety and hatch, resulting in an endless stream of “rookie flys” throughout the day, today. I say rookie because they’re easy to swat, step on, etc. But after about 20 of them… Well, see, the steam cleaner was still out. And I’d found the “high pressure” nozzle. I’m not usually to animals or insects, but I had to know.

The trick is to fire the superheated steam jet just above where you think the fly will fly. The jet action and the heating actions generally drag the fly into the steam as long as you get within an inch or two of the little guy. And the steam, 150c (302f) turns the ‘zzzzt’ into a ‘zzzzKPt’.

They are certainly dead when they hit the floor, which occurs rapidly on account of losing their wings and legs in the air, so if they feel anything its very very brief.

Certainly briefer than knocking them into the trash compactor unit in my sink with a jet of “7th Generation” orange-based shower cleaner, turning on the hot tap and then turning on the compactor. And probably still faster than grounding them with Fabreze (which seems consistently to cause them to land on their backs?) and then swatting them with a rolled up newspaper.


You posted this story on the Internetz? You know the ASPCI will be all over your ass?

Oliver the Destroyer. Would make quite a movie along the lines of Conan, if you replace the flies in your story with swordsmen or phalanx.

I think it was the influence of watching that movie, The Bone Collector.

maggots – only maggot flies! Try being here. Mosquitos, hover flies, horse flies, wasps, midges etc. At the moment we have the full collection. The general thing is – ‘do not leave your arse poking out from under the duvet – you will seriously regret it in the morning’.

Some quick murdering tips –

Flies cannot see red light – pop a ‘Roxanne’ in in place of your usual bulb and the troublesome hyperactive ones become easy game.

Flies are also unable to take off beyond a given wind speed/turbulence/whatever. If one lands and stays still long enough, point your fan at the bugger and let him have it full blast. He’ll be unable to move and you can swat with abandon.

Man, I had the same experience one week this summer, a bunch of juicy fat maggots crawling around the trash, with subsequent fly infestation. So did a friend in Berkeley. Never had that in my place for the previous 10 years. There seems to be something weird going on…

It’s global warming! 8-(

Flesh Flies? (not Fresh) They can lay live young. Otherwise how long has your trash been in the house to allow a house fly to mature 12-14 days on average?

Thanks, Rubbish :) They also appear not to be able to see Ultraviolet very well.

When I got up yesterday I did a sweep of the house and was pleased to have not found a single fly. I went to open the blinds an BBZZZZZT. There were nearly a dozen of them behind the blinds. Ugh. Made my skin crawl.

I zapped all of those with Raid, but there were still a few late comers turned up who got … experimented on.

I’ve no idea, breed. I don’t think they are those kinds of flies. They’re smaller than the average house fly by about 1/3rd-1/2.

Most nights I take the trash out when I walk the cat, that Thursday I didn’t get home from work until 1.30am so I’d skipped walking the cat, and in the morning I was in a rush and forgot to take it out in the morning too.

It seems like when I arrived was the second wave – I put the offending trash bag into another bag and sealed it real tight and put it outside before dealing with the wrigglers on the floor.

more like the fruit fly type variety? They can infect your house plant soil and cause total havoc. I’ve been in many building where plants were banned due to infestations. They also like the garbage disposal. They just eat the slime in the drain.

They like nothing better than an over watered houseplants whose roots are rotting.

Then the maggots are really small talking like 5mm or 1/8 inch.

You have 2 choices on the drain. Total dry up, or use bleach. Ammonia won’t work, tha is something that they produce naturally.

They’re not coming from the drain, the larvae/maggots were almost pouring out of the afore-mentioned a week ago on Friday. Whatever I threw out must have already been infested – which probably narrows it down to a loaf of bread.

Anyway, after finding another dozen hiding behind a set of blinds and 7thing another one into the disposal unit, I’ve only one more all night. I think I’m saved.

Its funny,sometimes i feel like one of your flies in the game world.

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