1.27 work update

It’s been lots of tiny bits of this and that: Killer has more-or-less finalized the server OS upgrade process, down to a thumb-drive based installation. I’ve been working on various web-admin pages and clearing tickets from trac, as well as verifying our code/SQL works with MySQL 5.0.

MySQL 5.0: One minor bleah. 5.0 is a little more standards compliant, so a query like

  FROM table1 t1, ..., tableN tN 
          LEFT JOIN table4 USING (t1.key1, t2.key2, t3.key) 

considers the first “,” seperated tables to be a group. If you dig thru the MySQL documentation it explains that “FROM … , …” is equivalent to a “FROM … INNER JOIN …” except when there are explicit JOIN references. In short, you have to replace the above with

  FROM table1 t1 INNER JOIN ... INNER JOIN tableN tN 
          LEFT JOIN table4 USING (t1.key1 ...) 

The punchline, however, is that I’d only done this in one place. Sadly, it was the very first query the server did when anyone connects (fetching a fully-populated grid of personas you have/should have).

Easily fixed.

The only other quirk I ran into was a discrepancy between the number of links in the game database – the MySQL database was 2 link definitions (1 link) short of the live server. In a bit of lucky foresight, I decided to make re-upload the same terrain onto the dev cluster and found it had the same problem. A quick bit of jiggery-pokery and I was able to determine that somehow the 1.27 terrain had lost a link between Montherme and Revin. Doc went into the terrain editor and put it back, everything fixed.

The main web task still outstanding is the bloody RDP tool (the one into which the RDP sheets are entered). There’s no two ways around the fact that this is just a pain in the butt to do with HTML/JavaScript and do in a producer-friendly format.

Some of it has been fun, but every time I get into it, I run into something that Firefox doesn’t do or doesn’t do well or just does differently than IE. I love the fact that FF poo-poos IE’s range-selection stuff on input fields, but happily remembers usernames and passwords on all kinds of forms that IE won’t remember them on.

While it would be a fair point that, conversely, you can’t just write FF code and IE does it all – the FF way is usually some convoluted pretend way to do something IE could do more simply.

Firefox seems to have a large fanbase of grognards – who are quite happy to follow the 10 commandments with Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy if that’s standards compliant and especially if its un-IEish. Saying “that creates a LOT of extra work” to the Firefox devs is akin to making a Bf1942 comparison to our game in our forums. No doubt that extra work helps keep many a web-dev apease their conscience at their rate of productivity.

If they were honest and said “It’s going to take me 8 hours to do for IE or 20 hours for Firefox or 40 hours for both”, I think the sudden decrease in companies, that don’t other know better, blowing their $ks on “over-dev” would either send the FF devs further into their sulk or bring their attitude around right sharp.

I can only dream.

Cleaned up /takelead some more, gave the HCs their “login notification” which they will no doubt now want a way to disable, fixed a bunch of tiny issues from tickets like the server loading brigades before it knew where to route them to if they were in an illegal position at server start, and put together my first MySQL stored procedure (for adding points to a persona) which won’t get used until 1.28, but in coupling with the 1.28 mission-system changes I want to make, it should let me solve the issue of cross-branch scoring. And a trigger to create a rank-progression audit trail, but again, that probably won’t make it till post 1.27.


He said jiggery-pokery….

1.28? WTF is a 1.28? I need more bier bitte….

Hey KFS. I program with Javascript all the time. I don’t find the differences between Firefox and IE too difficult. There is an awful discrepincy between Mouse x,y coordinates in FF and IE. Mainly the 0,0 location is different based on what DOM object is calling the javascript. I personally hate that difference with a passion.

I find it way easier to code for Safari, then Firefox, and finally IE 7 and 6. If you use frameworks like prototype or jquery or yui, the differences are completely hidden from you anyway. The only issues I have with IE anymore are CSS related.
Writing javascript from scratch without a framework these days is unnecessary.

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