Xbox 360 + Warranty expiration = ?

Door stop.

I saw that there was a BioShock demo. So I decided to fire it up – note: I have blogged each and every time I’ve booted up my 360.

It powered up and told me there was an update. Cool, I installed the update. It rebooted. I found the BioShock demo and asked it to start downloading. Then I went back to queue the Katamari demo I’d noticed, and when I got to the “confirm download” page, the 360 went “bip” and the background got a sort of black/blue checkered layer to it.

Hmm. Unresponsive. Ok. Power off. Wait 30 seconds. Power on.

My power light shows 3 red segments and blinks.

Cool. Now, where can I buy a Wii?


I have heard of everyone having problems with the 360, yet (knocks on wood) I have yet to have a problem with mine. Not that I use it much. NHL 2K7 got boring after a couple of seasons.
As for finding a Wii, good luck. I have been looking for weeks and have yet to find a supplier that actually has them in stock.

You don’t know about MS extending the warranty by 3 years? It was kinda all over the internet. ;)

I believe aceman is correct about them extending the warranty for just the reason you describe, the red lights of death.

Well, I guess I might as well give it a try. If nothing else, I’ll be able to use it to play DVDs should I really feel the need, until I get my Wii.

Yep,….just sent mine in for 3 red flahsing lights. Apparently, the vid card comes unseated. They give you 1 month xbox live card, mine should be back in 3 weeks or so. Yeah, MS this, MS that. It’s still a cool console. Call them, it’s free–they’ll send you a little white coffin.

I got a wii. It collects dust.

Yeah the warranty is 3 years.

Of course you could try the ‘Towel Trick’

Apparently it works…

Died again as soon as the Katamari demo finished downloading, again.

Send it off brother.

“Xbox 360 support center is the next step. Every day from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Eastern time, and 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time, gamers can call 1-800-4MY-XBOX to get the repair process started.”

I’ve already replaced two xboxen and as annoying as it is to have to wait while it gets replaced the procedure itself was pretty hassle-free. It’s still the most entertaining gaming rig I’ve had and a major contributing factor to my not returning to WWIIOL, as it is.

I have the Wii and the 360. The Wii pretty much collects dust. It is a good system for kids and for a group of people, but I’ve yet to find any games that keep me entertained for any period of time while alone. The 360 has so many game choices already and a non-stop lineup of games coming out over the next few months. Just get it fixed.

Buy a Wii, you won’t be disappointed! I own one and can’t stop playing….and usually I play 2-4 hours a day and lots and lots and lots of cool games are on the way until the end of the year!!!

Best console I ever bought in my life so far (and I own a LOT of consoles)!

Nintendo ROCKS!

You won’t regret it, believe me!

Cold solder joint. Send it back for free…..everything free. Get back in 5 days (probably a brand new box).
Microsoft is not the devil…..Wii sucks.

5 days? They told me 4-6 weeks. It’s been two already…

It took a total of 5 days for me. Both times.

on 14 Aug 2007 at 11:09 pm7 kfsone
It does indeed!

on 14 Aug 2007 at 11:14 pm8 kfsone
Died again as soon as the Katamari demo finished downloading, again.

So that actually does work. Wow thats incredible. Anyone savvy enough with hardware who can tell me why that would work?

Go to lunch with Toto. You’ll hear all about cold solder joints, board assembly lines, etc. He knows what he’s talking about.

And dens of ill repute?

LOL @ breed

Got my UPS trackng number from MS today, said 3-5 days. Forza 2 FTW!

Three years for three red lights and I heard the refurbs have the new heat sinks on them too.

I’m gonna pick up an elite next week for the kids, and purposely red light my pro I think just to get it refurbished.

Two worlds is coming out next week, so I can’t be without one.

I love my 360… so many games, so little time.


Check out my Charger… Isn’t she sexy??


Cool charger.

By the way – I wasn’t kidding ya:

GameStop – Mall
N Richland Hills
North Richland Hlls, TX 76180
(817) 498-8184

10/07/06 17:33 XXXXX/XX – 037
SALE 135713 Emily

Microsoft Xbox 36 399.99
XXXXX 002/000
S Num: 305XXXXXXX06

OK…losing faith. Just got a txt message from my twin. His *5th* 360, manufacture date 7/20/07 (new, not refurb) has died the red ring of death.

I’m mad for him. But I still want my xbox back. Love that thing…

I have had mine since March of 06 and haven’t had any problems yet…. key word “yet”.

It most likely will fail though, especially as more and more dust collects in the heat sinks. Thankfully they started with more cooling on it in May I believe, and that should address the heat buildup within the system and keep the chip from de-soldering itself. I just need to wait for the time bomb to go off.

Thankfully they did admit their problem and extended the warranty out to 3 years for the 3 red lights on all 360s.

I guess they didn’t test these things in Florida without any A/C.

OK got my new 360 in today. It is a brand new unit, manufacture date August 7, 2007. We’ll pray it lasts longer than my brothers *5th* unit (48 hours plugged in, less than 1 hour on time).

I said earlier that the towel trick works on my 360. I was wrong.

My 360 will power on an work again for 5 minutes after a cool down period. If I try to do the towel trick on it, it just shuts itself down after a few minutes when it starts to get hot.

So I can never get more than 5 minutes functionality out of it again.

Gonna call MS tomorrow and try to get it replaced.

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