Deathmatch vs Co-op

Yesterday I finally got around to trying the Doom 3 (2004) demo. It was desperation more than anything else: I lost interest in the Doom/Quake games when the focus became multiplayer deathmatch.

All the gamers I know, all the gamers I work with, love co-op. We were discussing this at lunch on Friday and Granik made a very salient observation — co-op players tend not to be as visible as tourneying fraggers because you don’t just join random servers for good co-op, you tend to host a local LAN server and/or play with buddies.


Noticed on FilePlanet, today, that BioShock PC demo was “available soon”. So, I “reserved” a download, figuring it might download it tomorrow or next week or┬ásomething. Moments later…