Noticed on FilePlanet, today, that BioShock PC demo was “available soon”. So, I “reserved” a download, figuring it might download it tomorrow or next week or something. Moments later…




Bah, paid membership required…

I miss the old leech-friendly Fileplanet of ten years ago. :(

I don’t think it takes paid membership, just registration. I don’t have premium access.

I’m registered, but when I go to the link it just tells me to pony up… then again, I may be missing a subtle link, which is quite often their intent. BIG HUGE “buy an account” banner, tiny little “free download” link, and sucker people in to buying.

Hm, after reading further (and being unable to find the demo link this time – now all I see is a D2D purchase link) I’m suspecting your download will be locked until demo release date, similar to Steam.

heh, i just went and bought it, it looks cool and from what i can see it will pwn. Plus i have a spare 60 bucks to throw around, why not?

Are the guys at CRS as excited as you are? You must be a fan of System Shock then too right?

I think most of the guys at CRS are System Shock fans – certainly Granik, Ramp, Gophur, Bloo (off the top of my head)

It does seem to have dissapeared the demo link – and my demo download irreversibly lost its connection to the download server at about 98%.

I’m thinking they pulled it again because it was broke ;)

My impressions on BioShock demo was that it was way too short and somewhat confusing. Couldn’t get truely hang of that weird atmosphere in that game.

As a System Shock fan I must warn you guys that BioShock is a bit too much straightforward First Person Shooter game based on my experiences from the demo.

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