Escape to Norath

I downloaded the Everquest1 “Free Trial” over the weekend, and its been patching ever since. I got done finishing some TOE stuff for Doc and decided to give it a whirl. For some reason, it wouldn’t accept my main station account – which has a closed EQ1 subscription and an open EQ2 subscription – but it did accept my old, old, very closed account.

After all the hassle, having created a character, it seems that the free-trial has ended (it tells me the zone is unvailable). 2 days of downloading uninstalled in 2 minutes.

Like Play the Fae, I kinda get the impression nobody at Sony tried it as a free trial – took a fresh box, downloaded it and tried to get in without using their existing account.

I was curious just to see what a recent EQ1 engine looked out; I’ve really not heard anything about EQ1 in a long time so I have no idea what the game has been doing.

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Wait, you’re supposed to test things before deploying them?

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