Line count

At last count, 1.27 host code was at 190k lines of code. Today, with much of the diagnostic and regression code removed the game host code now clocks in at 193,069 lines of code. Of the old 190k count, 32k was in the automatically generated “glue” file which embeds a scripting language into the strat host. Under 1.27 this file has shrunk by 3000 lines – so that 3k growth is actually 6k of real lines of code.

Eliminating all blank lines, comment-only lines and lines that contain just “{” or “}” (C/C++ syntax)

1.26.1 host had 169,493 lines – 26,857 in lua glue = 142,636 lines of “written” code
1.27.0 host has 164,495 lines – 24,284 in lua glue = 140,211 lines of “written” code

Not including the lua glue file, 38,714 lines of host code have changed from 1.26.1 to 1.27.

And this weekend is final Release Candidate. Monday we start the process of cycling the servers to 1.27.


[I’d insert a ‘hot chick’ picture here but I gotta go recover my cat from the vets where she’s having the malignance of a growth in her neck checked =(]


I hope your cat’s OK.

I also hope your cats ok.

A puss with lumps is to be avoided

I just want you to know that I suppressed a distasteful joke at your cat’s expense.

KFS1 is the Cat Whisperer.

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