1.27 Pending – Wiretap note

Well, the beta server is looking pretty peachy – those of you not familiar with our beta process are probably sceptical because some of the server processes have been starting and stopping a lot, but that’s normal when we’re validating extremely fine details.

There’s a few little bonus changes going in with 1.27, too. Stuff that wasn’t gonna make it if I was busy today. I had time :)

I took a quick sledge hammer to the “re-reservation” system which handled despawning your vehicle, parking it in a special limbo universe, and then reserving it from limbo so that you could respawn it if you wanted.

The design was an inelegant hangover from when I was first learning my way around strat, and I only had the remaining host coder’s perspective on the various other coders’ code, which was very confusing.

What it should have done is simply not relinquish your vehicle until you cancel reservation or respawn. I know it sounds bloody obvious, but it was really hard to pull off because there were so many bits of spaghetti code you just couldn’t do that without making the server go boom.

It took a few minutes looking at the new codebase to see all the booby-traps had been removed and that the way was clear to Do The Right Thing. Quick, surgical strike on the offending code and the new code dropped in like a charm. We gave it some torture testing with insane levels of logging and – well there’s really so little of it that it took next to no time to verify that every line of code I’d just written did what it was supposed to – and the bounds/constraints you have to consider are pretty limited so testing them all was over and done in short order.

So I got time to work on some last minute polish/easter eggs. Some of these are of note to my Wiretap users. The polish ones, not the easter eggs ;)

. Every capture AO now belongs to a brigade, and I now populate strat_cp.is_objective database column with a brigade ID instead of the attacking country.

. I’m going to be discussing with Doc possibly exposing the RDP cycles with vehicle information.

. The RDP system is largely run by the Gazette systems. With TOEs they now actually feedback to the game server they are manipulating a bunch more. This includes exposing the current cycle number and percentage into a table available for me to expose on wiretap. It’ll be fairly simple <country id=”#” cycle=”#” percent=”#”/>, but it’ll also be one of the static queries that only updates as cycles/etc change.


I like the last one – save a whole bunch of HTML processing with a small dab of SAX goodness :D

PS: isn’t it almost time for another state-of-the-oliver email for the year? :-)

— mike

Oli, does the changes to the vehicle resevation code sort out some of the odd issues you got when multicrewed?

I.E. if I’m sailing a multicrewed destroyer and we despawn at a docks, then re-spawn straight away will my crew re-spawn to?

And you pick a great day to patch the game. My phone line, and thus my internet has been down since Friday afternoon. BT claimed it’s a odd fault at the exchange and won’t be fixed until Wednesday afternoon.
So when I get into work today and can final check th forums I see 1.27 is going live today! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!

When I get home from work I find a note on the mat from BT saying there engineer fixwed to fauly at 5pm today!

WOOT, there is a cyber god after all! :-)

Anyway enough of my rambling on, great work on the patch and congrats to all the Rats. The game keeps getting better & better, keep up the good work. !S

P.S. 4 days withoug WWIIOL makes me realise just how addicted I still am to this game. :-)

Nawh, multi-crew is still “chaotic”. The vehicle spawning system spawns 4 server processes, each of which is point of authority for some aspect of it. Two of which don’t need to be (imho).

It was done this way with valid reasons, but the reasons no-longer apply to justify the pain it causes. It should be a nice little series of transactions that move things around the system, but its not. It’s a step closer now, because the vehicle reservation you take is good until you release it on the strat host. HUGE step.

But the rest of the system (I can’t count how many structures are involved in the process, at least 40, off hand) is stretched thin doing single player, and its stretched just every so slightly beyond its ability to function consistently for multicrew.

The code I did on Monday with the reservation system – I’d previously estimated 3 days coding and 5 days testing.

With all the reworks of strat, I was able to write the right code in a couple of hours and get it torture tested in a few more.

Does Wiretap output the blue report text from in game? (ie. Bomber spotted at “town name”) I was wanting to write a program using that info.

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