Patched on Friday, lol

I found out what had been causing some area-chat/msp/sto weirdness and a very simple fix for it, pretty easy validation of both the bug and the fix, so I applied it to the 1.27 branch and pushed it up to the hosts.

I’ve been playing tonight but Roadrunner is dropping 30-60% of my packets so – erh, duh, why don’t I just re-route game traffic via my DSL? Ok. I’m gonna eat and than I’m gonna go see if Kitty420 is still running through the open country side singing on area chat ;)

The timing of this patch couldn’t be better – it’s a long weekend here and I’m gonna be playing WWIIOL for most of it ;)


Oh – the patch also added “/objective citys” (‘/ob c’ for short), and /dumpresupply (/du for short) is enabled for all during the micro-campaign so you can get to grips with how much simpler supply is now.

Some of the most common questions I see:

– How do you get the FPS meter?
Press Numlock, or go SETTINGS > UI > HUD

– How do I get the window with my gear back?
Press ` or ~, or go SETTINGS > UI > HUD

– My orders are still not centered
SETTINGS > UI > HUD – reset it and set it the way you like and it should be golden from there on

– If there are two brigades in town, why is there only one tank?
1 + 1 = 2

– How do I reload from a truck?
– How do I reload my <tank|at gun|aa gun> from a truck?
Get close enough to get the “msp truck” icon in your lower-left hud window and then stay still and stop firing.

– Do trucks reload ?
Duh – see above

– How do I make a resupply truck?
Stop moving

– Do I get resupplied while riding / hitched?
Yes, actually :)

– Why is there no scope on the mortars?
Because they didn’t have them.

– Someone just stole my mission with /takelead, what can I do?
/takelead it right back. After someone usurps you, you have 6 minutes to retake control, which blocks anyone usurping you for another 6 minutes. The new leader only gets full and lasting control if you let him keep the mission > 6 minutes.

Some random hints:

– Mortarmen: The map has a scale indicator.
– When giving ammo, not giving the position away too is always appreciated ;)

As long as you’re answering questions: 8^)

Have any of the code evolutions of the past year increased the plausibility of adding additional CPs along existing ground links?

I don’t think anything short of Rick’s project will do that.

And how’s that going? :)

You’ve let the genie out of the bottle. Now we shall revolt until pix/movies of said project are produced. No porn til pix!

Kitty420 didn’t happen to be around the Dunkirque area did he? He was the side leader for the Realism Event on the Axis side. Axis were attacking Dunkirque.

Oh sorry. Did she happen to be arond the Dunkirque area when you found her wandering out in the middle of nowhere singing to herself?

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