4:30am – Nap time

With today’s patch the servers lived thru the 9pm fright zone of the last few nights and on into low-peak, when the servers tend to be at least risk of issues. Not a single report of any of the MSP/Grenade/etc issues the whole night. Infact, there have been 15x less reports submitted Friday 5pm-Sat 4am than there were the same period Thu-Fri, despite more people online.

Definitely some room for performance improvements on the client as we seem to have stutters again for some people, but unless Martini finds its something I’m doing from the host, I’m gonna stay focused on trying to get the networking cleaned up, maybe some improvements to the update system, and switching the spawn system and all “world” data over to NetCode2. That shouldn’t take terribly long and it should open an emporium of doors.

For tonight, though, I think I’ve earned me a nap.


Oh, I’ll probably finish some work I started in 1.27 on fire damage scoring kills (at long last) – I imagine there’ll be a 1.27.1 patch, and maybe it will go in with that.

Whenever someone mentions “Fire Damage Kills” I’m going to have to think of BioShock in the future.

A “nap”? You’ve earned a four month hibernation mate!

Sadly your demanding yet loyal customers will not allow you that luxury, but it would be nice if you guys could ge the chance to “recharge” before throwing yourselves back into the fray.

Thanks for all your work, it’s appreciated.


Sept 13th is recharge night, or at the least refuel. :)

Been hard work these last days kfs?

Breed wrote:
Sept 13th

Oh yeah, that’s gonna go well for me ;)

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