I write code, too

A lot of my work at CRS has been developing tools, although I’ve rarely been officially tasked with doing so. Sometimes, it seems like I’m a tool developer who writes code too.

What’s the difference? Tools are just code too, right?

Silly little ‘tooling’ factoid:

In 2002, I was shown how terrain updates were loaded onto the server. The process was long and complex. I’ll come back to that. It took aproximately 18-24 minutes to upload a terrain, and there were some serious omissions in the data. The whole process took upto an hour.

Most importantly, any object that was changed – say a building the terrain editors moved a few feet, rotated or correct a typo in the name of a depot – it got new IDs that would have rendered something like a capture history defective.

In 2007, all of the manual steps in preparing the terrain have been scripted and it takes between 1 to 5 minutes, including a manual review of logs, to package and prepare the terrain.

I’d already massively improved the import utility, but I got the coding urge last night to make some “I understand this much better now” tweaks, maybe 15 minutes in total. Largely about eliminating some “can cause problem” redundancies and fixing a problem in our QA process that allowed something bad to happen in 1.27.